Stocking Stuffer Idea: Yeah I’m Wearing a Smedium

We have all probably heard the term before – Smedium. Generally speaking, it’s when a man’s shirt is worn – potentially just a bit too form fitting. Here’s a descriptor on a “study” about the term and the utilization of Smedium as an actual noun:

In layman’s terms a Smedium is a dude who wears a painfully tight outfit in order to attract the ladies.

Well we can now utilize this word AS an actual noun that isn’t a oft-sleezy guy, but instead a company that makes a dang fine shirt – Smediums.

A Smedium (the guy) often makes it look like the clothes they wear look like they are going to burst open at any minute, but Smediums (the clothing company) has designed a top that fits like most of the rest of us prefer – something that still fits a little tighter, but actually looks good without breaking the bank.

The days of wearing camping tents as shirts is over.
Sleeves shouldn’t start below your shoulders. 
The bottom shouldn’t just hang there like upside-down clown pants.

For as simple as a shirt is, there are a lot of companies out there who struggle to make one that fits well. They are either too tight, too baggy, or just aim to fit all body types at once – leading to a smorgasbord of weirdness. Smedium’s shirts have sleeves that fit a bit longer on the bicep and seem to have a tiny bit more room in the belly area (shout out from those with dad bods like me).

These are designed as casual shirts perfect for layering in warmer PNW days, but honestly it could be used as a simple running shirt. Obviously, us runners don’t often love cotton running shirts, but the 60% combed ring-spun cotton / 40% polyester jersey is comfortable, light (just over 4 ounces) and pre-shrunk so the sizing stays consistent.

They come in sizes like Smedium, Marge, Lex, and 2Lex. I’d recommend sizing at your “normal” size. Basically, I wear a Large and ordered a Marge – so it fits more like the larger size in the name.

Smediums comes in 8 classic colorways with only a small logo name near the bottom hem. They run between $20 and $30, and they also have packs available.


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Thank you to Smediums for providing us with a sample. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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