Slipper X Sneaker X Convertible: DeckersXLab KO-Z EZ Cambrio is a Fun Rude

Haven’t heard of DeckersXLab before? You’re probably not alone. But even so, you may recognize some of the names behind their creation:

“Jean-Luc Diard, Global VP of Innovation for Deckers, and his team are responsible for the creation of DeckersXLab. Jean-Luc has a lifetime of experience in the sport industry. For many years, he was the CEO of Salomon, a leading athletic equipment company, where he devised the brand’s design center and redefined its core identity. Shortly after, he founded a start-up called HOKA ONE ONE. It began with his desire as a runner to have better cushioning and stability through an oversized outsole. The company is now owned by Deckers Brands. Through his passion for outdoor sports, drive for innovation, and endless need for improvement, Jean-Luc started DeckersXLab on a path to change the footwear industry.”

So there you go. Even you may not be familiar with Deckers, they are rooted in hardcore running technology and planning. That’s a bold effort, but one that us here at Run Oregon can stand behind. We were recently sent a pair of the K-OZ Cabrio to try out.

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As always, footwear from the DeckersXLab is an acquired taste. By design, their shoes toe the line somewhere between out there, and really out there. On the scale, I think that the Cabrios are, more or less, relatively straightforward in looks. When viewing from the front, they look like a standard slipper or moccasin. However, from the back angle, there’s a little bit more funkiness added.

The actual part that you stand on sits on top of a high foot bed (5 layers of foam), easily adding an inch to your height. There is a visual difference with the addition of the stretch heel. Underneath, there is a geometric smattering of designs that add even an additional layer of flair.

There are 5 colors to choose from – some more bold than others. I, for one, I am here for the flash, but definitely know you are going to stand out if that’s not your thing.


I am a men’s size 12, and I noticed that the delivery box had the size as “12–13”. I believe this is due to the fact that the heel is actually stretchy, making it so that a full two sizes can be accommodated. While I have no issues fitting into this size, I do wish that the heel was just a tad more snug. If I had to do it over again, I’d almost be interested in seeing what a size 10–11 would feel like. Regardless, if you prefer a little snugger fit, you may want to consider going down a size.


As true as it is that Deckers footwear is visually unique, it is equally true that they make some of the most comfortable footwear out there. I have yet to wear an item from their collection that don’t have my feet super happy with me. These are no different.

The foot bed is lined with 5mm of comfy looped wool on the top AND bottom and completely wraps around the foot from toe to heel as well. It provides a little snugness and warmth – perfect for a Pacific Northwest fall.

Deckers also uses premium materials in the Cabrios, including:

  • Nubuck Leather Upper
  • Memory Foam Footbed
  • Xponent+ Midsole
  • Metarocker

It’s a slipper that is made like a running shoe really.


I continue to love footwear from Deckers, and the Cabrio is no exception. My wife generally rolls her eyes when I receive a new pair, but the comfort and function in these are second to none.

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Products & Price:

  • KO-Z EZ Cabrio ($102)
    • Looped Wool: Mix of 80% natural wool, 20% recycled polyester
    • 8mm drop, 30-22mm stack height

Thank you to DeckersXLab for providing us with a sample pair. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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