A Runner in Joggers: A Comfy Option courtesy of Chubbies

We have known about Chubbies in other forums before (some friends swear by their lined pants and swimwear, but they do have a few items that fit nicely for us weekend runners. We recently tried some shorts and tee from the Sport category of this company – and were pleasantly surprised.


Chubbies’ Movementum Joggers come in five colors – with a nice split between classic (navy, grey, black) and a little more flair (green and grey w/ palm trees).

Regardless of the color selected, these are a simple and straightforward pair of joggers. They fall more on the sporty / casual side as opposed to some other joggers – not a bad thing, just of note. They are great as a post-run option (I love slipping these on after a chilly evening run) and can even be utilized as a running pant in a pinch. They really aren’t built for running, but have enough stretch that you could if desired – though we’d recommend a more formal running pant if you had to.

Fit & Function:

We know that Chubbies isn’t a running company, but that makes these all the more a solid option. When I wear joggers, I am more looking for a casual pair that I can wear pre- or post-race. So, given Chubbies work in the casual sphere – these are quite nice. They are obviously a little bulkier than true running pants, but really are still surprisingly lightweight for what they are. They are also quite true to size.

And dangit are they comfy. The material is super soft and make it a breeze to continue to come back to these again and again. I think I wore them the entire first weekend I received them.

There is ample enough stretch, making casual jogging and bending easy. During an early morning cardio session in my freezing-ass garage, I tried these out and they held up to a 30 minute HIIT session.


I really love the Movementum Joggers. As the weather turned last month – and my runs have gotten progressively colder and wetter – it has been hard to take these off. They are super comfortable and continue to impress. Recommended!


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Products & Price:
  • Movementum Joggers | $79.50
    • 89% Polyester / 11% Spandex
    • **Use code HOLIDAY25 to save 25% on full price items**

Thank you to Chubbies for providing us with a test item. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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