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Mizuno has always been a solid running shoe that I trust, and that’s saying a lot considering how many shoes I have the pleasure of testing. Not all shoes are created equal, but Mizuno understands what runners need. Their shoes look great and they perform well too. I was excited to try the new Wave Rider 26, as they are supposed to be the ultimate in propulsion without sacrificing comfort or style.


I received a pair of Wave Rider 26 shoes in blue and white and they are beautiful. There are pops of other colors in there too and they certainly look like they’ll make you run faster. As you’re putting them on, you notice the structure of the tongue and how soft it is, and the heel is stable but comfy as it hugs the back of the ankle. Overall, these are just a good-looking shoe that is not cheaply made.


Jacquard air mesh on these shoes will help your feet stay cool as well as dry. These shoes are meant to last too, with an X10 outsole made of carbon rubber. The sole may look a bit substantial to some, (though not obnoxiously so,) but they don’t feel overly heavy. The big selling point on these shoes is the spring in the energy return and that is certainly felt with every step in them.

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The new Wave Rider is designed to have a more cushioned midsole as well as a stable outsole design. The engineered mesh upper is breathable and soft, so your feet stay comfy for hours on the roads or trails. The MIZUNO WAVE® plate technology will disperse energy from the moment of impact with the ground. They provide a stable platform for your feet and the X10 outsole, as mentioned above, is very durable.  Even better, Mizuno strives to use eco friendly materials.


The “MIZUNO ENERGZY” of this shoe refers to the foam inside. The design of this shoe ensures there is enhanced cushioning and the high energy return you crave. Resilience in a running shoe is of the utmost importance. What I love about the fit of these Mizunos is that they feel like a pair of shoes you’ve lived in a bit, but without the wear and tear you would get from wearing a shoe out. Many shoes feel stiff when they are new, but that’s not the case with these.

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Overall/For Consideration

I don’t really know how to explain the feel of these shoes other than to say that they have a very solid step to them but feel “bouncy” in the stride at the same time. I don’t know how Mizuno can have a shoe that’s both super stable as well as cushy, but they have clearly done it with the Wave Rider. These shoes will endure for hundreds of miles, and I have a feeling they will last quite awhile in my rotation of favorites.


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