A Pack for All Life’s Adventures: Gregory Rhune 25

With all the running and outdoor gear that we get to test from year to year, the one item I didn’t expect to be giddy over was a backpack. But the Rhune 25 from famed outdoor pack company Gregory has me pumped to talk about it.

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Now, most of us probably know Gregory for their hydration packs, but really they run the full gamet on storage options for the outdoors. My father in law has one of their backpacking packs and they have daypacks as well. The Rhune 25 falls in their commuter line – a group of options that state, “because between the office, the gym, the trail, traffic, and the crag, every day is a damn adventure.” Preach.

Unlike most backpacks, that have little structure, the Rhune 25 has well-planned sections for what you need for work, what you need for working out, and add-ons aplenty. The materials used are built with recycled fabrics, breathable, moisture-wicking, and super-durable, plus it looks professional enough to carry even if your workday wear. Honestly, I have made this my actual work bag now that I am working out of the home a little bit more.

The look is one of the more unique ones in a backpack I have seen. The main compartment is accessed through a large zipped panel. Basically it’s like unzipping in a circular motion instead of the standard opening of most backpacks where they just pull straight across. This means that the mouth to the main area is wide and open, making pulling stuff in and out super easy. Additionally, it makes storing non-work items (like a bag of running clothes and shoes) so much easier! The bag also comes in three colors – brick red (reviewed), carbon black, or matte navy.

As far as comfort goes, it is no surprise that Gregory can make a commuter pack to rival the comfort needs of a long haul daypack. The shoulder harnesses are contoured and padded and have a sternum strap if that’s your jam (it is mine, but it’s removeable if its not yours). The backpanel is soft and made up of over 90% open-air – meaning that ventilation/cooling and moisture-control is enhanced. For the piece of the pack that just rests against your torso the whole time – it’s a necessity to not have it be something that will just be sweat-inducing the entire time.

Hard to see, but the mesh backpanel allows for amazing airflow.

And then there is the storage – and OH BOY is there storage.

  • Small shoulder harness pocket for small, readily-accessible items
  • Interior accessed laptop sleeve with an adjacent tablet sleeve
  • Front zipped compartment with interior mesh pockets
  • Interior mesh zipped pocket with slots for writing utensils
  • Zipped top pocket
  • Exterior side stash pocket with key clip
  • Deep mesh bottle pocket for hydration

Rhune 25 Storage

img_0436 img_0432 img_0431 img_0428 img_0437

Commuting and travelling with this backpack is also really easy because it rides lightly on your back. So lightly (2 lbs. unfilled), that you could run with it if necessary. There is no waist belt, so you may not want to go crazy, but its still less bouncy than your average backpack, so it’s more comfortable for both walking and running. It fits perfectly under the seat in a plane and there is a padded grab handle at the top to utilize when putting on your back just isn’t an option at the moment.

This backpack really offers the functionality of a small carry-on, the organization of a briefcase, and the specs of a high-quality daypack. This multifunctional bag has now become my running bag, luggage, and briefcase – all in the matter of weeks. There’s no going back now – the Rhune is here to stay!

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Construction (from website):

  • Weight = 2.04 lbs.
  • Volume = 25 L
  • Packed Dimensions = 20″ x 13″ x 8″
  • External Material = 75% Recycled Polyester / 25% Recycled Nylon
  • Pack Body = 100% Recycled 300D Polyester Ripstop with PFC-Free DWR
  • Pack Bottom = 100% Recycled 300D Polyester Ripstop with PFC-Free DWR
  • Lining = 40% Post-Consumer Recycled 135D Polyester

Thank you to Gregory for providing us with a sample pack. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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