Eating Right on Track with RightOnTrek Backpacking Meals

There are still plenty of summer adventures to be had and somehow my calendar is filled to the brim like its 2019 or something. Lots of trailhead sleeping, long days in the car and even longer days on trail and I’ve been giving RightOnTrek meals a go.

Their website makes it easy to dial in your entire meal plan, with a varied selection of dinners, breakfasts, and snacks with options like ‘spicy’, ‘vegan’, ‘gluten-free’, etc. They are perhaps best known for their Bechamel-style Mac & Cheese and I hate to say it but…it lived up to the hype. Pasta is an obvious trail meal with carbs and flavorful sauces, but there are other options with curries, rices, and soups.


As a proper backcountry meal should be, these are easy to make: just add water. They come with additional spice packets for extra [customizable] flavor. With serving size options of one, two, or four people, you can buy for yourself or your group and if you choose the Meal Kit options, they will come packaged and labeled in full day bundles, making door-to-trail, (nutrition-wise!) quite seamless.


The packaging is mostly compostable, which has its pros and con. After a huge day, I appreciate being able to boil water and cook it right in the bag to save on the post-meal clean up (i.e. not having to wash out a pot), but the environmental impact and weight savings are the trade-off.

RightOnTrek offers more than just some backpacking meals, though. If you poke around their website you’ll find other adventure-planning resources like trail suggestions and even gear rentals for Glacier National Park and partners with other Montana-area services for other outings like fishing, bike tours, etc.! If you create an account, you can plan a trip right from the website.

RightOnTrek has a charming backstory of like-minded outdoorsy friends wanting a way to share their love and knowledge of backpacking with others. Based in Montana, their company is inspiring…and delicious.


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