First Impressions of the new Skechers GOrun Razor 4

Did you get the memo on Skechers yet? They make an amazing running shoe. I know, we didn’t know this either, not until we got to try the GOrun Ride 10 and GOrun Razor Excess 2 shoes a few months ago. OMGee these things are comfortable!! And now, here we are again, testing out the GO RUN Razor 4 (RELEASING 10/25/22!) and let US tell you, they do not disappoint.

We shouldn’t be surprised, based on our experiences with the last pairs, but we still can’t believe some of the most comfortable running shoes we’ve recently tried have come from a brand that we used to buy when we  shopped at the mall as teenagers.

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Needless to say, Skechers has come a LONG way from the “mall shoes” era. Having Meb Keflezighi represent your running-branded shoes is a great start, and his influence is obvious in the shoe design. We’re on my feet constantly and I could wear Skechers All. Day. Long.


Nikki: These shoes sure look pretty legit. They have the style of many other shoes on the market now, which is slick and speedy. I mean, they even say “Speed” on the side, so you just gotta make that happen, right? I received mine in a dark blue and teal color, and they look pretty nice. I’ve received several compliments on them.

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The GOrun Razor 4 is made to move. There’s nothing better than a shoe that releases with a true purpose, and Skechers crushes this goal. These shoes are very lightweight, so they are meant to fly. They are also a neutral shoe that’s built to be really responsive and there’s plenty of cushion to put in the miles. It probably doesn’t hurt that the Arch Fit insole is podiatrist certified.

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The trademarked Goodyear Rubber Technology keeps the soles grippy and strong, and the breathable hyper mono mesh and polyester top make them pretty dang light and functional as well. The HYPER ARC technology really gives you an efficient stride and they employ a carbon infused (patent-pending) forefoot plate that aids in the energy return and stability of the shoe.



So all of the features mentioned above are great, but none of that matters if the fit isn’t comfortable. Luckily, that’s not an issue with the GOrun Razor 4. In fact, the Skechers I’ve been privileged to try have been the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever put on my feet, and that’s saying a lot. Many brands and styles of shoes that I wear for running do a great job mile after mile, but Skechers are the only shoes I own that have felt comfortable from the moment I put them on.

I can wear these shoes from the time I put them on to take the kids to the bus stop, to the time that I go to work and spend all day on my feet, to the time I leave for a run, and then back home again. You will feel the difference with these shoes for sure. The Hyper Burst Pro TPU cushioning is super resilient, responsive, long-lasting, and lightweight.skechers razor4, 4

Overall/For Consideration

Perhaps you’ve got to try these on to believe in them, but Skechers gets it. They have met the mark when it comes to the running game. And maybe you wear running shoes for other activities and maybe you don’t, but for me, I need to have multi-purpose shoes because I’m often transitioning from one activity to the next without a lot of time between. Luckily, my feet are not something I have to consider if I’m wearing my Skechers. So, pass it on. Skechers are IT!! 



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Product & Price:
  • Skechers GOrun Razor 4 | Releasing 10/25/22
    • Stack height: 26mm – 30mm
    • Offset: 4mm
    • Weight: 7.5 oz (men’s 9 or women’s 7)

Thank you Skechers for providing us with test shoes. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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