On the Road with Skechers GO RUN Razor Excess 2

Even just a few years ago, we would probably be rolling our eyes at reviewing shoes from Skechers. Originally, most of us think of the brand as a budget shoe that function as such. But, with the arrival of Meb Keflezighi winning the 2014 Boston Marathon in Skechers (and being an ambassador since 2011, things started to shift a little. This generally-seen as “basic” brand has put some definite effort into having true running shoe options, while still being affordable.

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The GO RUN Razor Excess 2 has a pretty good visual look to it. It comes in three colors – black , blue (reviewed), and lime – but has some accompanying, almost animal print, accents to it. It also “looks”, more or less, like a running shoe – morseo than anything Skechers generally puts out. Some people may not love the look – but that’s all subjective anyways.

The mono mesh fit is nice and light, and felt comfortable right out of the box. The tongue seems to have a soft lockdown to it, and required minimal adjusting right off the bat. It was one of the few “plug and play “running shoes I have tried recently. It was also surprisingly light and I was definitely surprised on how well they have felt on my feet.


The midsole in this shoe is made from a “Hyper Burst” foam. This construction is surprisingly solid – it just feels like a running shoe. It’s lightweight and promotes solid foot turnover with thei Hyper Arc tech.  The lightness also comes from a carbon-infused foreoot plate to provide stability and that energy return that all carbon-plated shoes are generally known for. It allows the shoes to weigh in just over 7 ounces (dependent on size).

The midsole is accompanied with their “Arch Fit” insole which designed with podiatrist input in a way to improve support of the arches. As someone with arch issues, this was a comfortable and welcome insertion.


The outsole is made from rubber from Goodyear. Most of my miles have been in warmer summer temperatures, where grip is not generally an issue. More testing will need to be done this fall and winter on that front but, at a minimum, I would generally think that what’s good enough for tires on the road should hold up well in running shoes too.


Clearly, we have been pleasantly surprised by the shoes. Maybe I didn’t have a ton of expectations going in, so every feature exceeded my expectations. But truly, I feel like I would have liked of the shoes anyway. Add in the fact that issue with all of these qualities is around $145, and you have yourself almost a full package of goodness.


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Products & Price:
  • Skechers GO RUN Excess 2 | $145Weight: 7.9 oz. US M9 || 5.7 oz. US W7
    • Drop: 4mm
    • Colors:
      • Black/white
      • Blue/navy
      • Lime/black

Thank you to Skechers for providing us with test shoes. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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