Reliability, Stability, and Predictability with the Salomon Predict 2

I find the name of this shoe to be the most aptly named shoe I have run into. The Salomon Predict 2 is just that – an extremely stable, reliable, and predictable ride. Perfect for those that want a shoe to that will perform to their exact expectations each and every time. That’s not to say that all shoes don’t offer a solid ride, but this one with its sturdy rails and cushy support will give you the same performance for each run.

This shoe is designed as an every day, 2-3 times a week run shoe, so I took it out switching off between these and my Brooks Launches for a couple weeks. I was particularly interested in testing this one out because of it being categorized as an “every day” road shoe, as opposed to speed or long run. I kept my runs with these to 2-5 miles and they held up each and every time. I will say they were a little more structured than I typically like, and the cushioning is different than what I’m used to with the Launches or my HOKA’s – but for that every day, 2-3 times a week run, these held up!

When I first took them out I actually thought they were not particularly cushy or flexible, but after a couple runs they really settled in and became much more comfortable. The Ortholite line at Salomon with the Infiniride™ foam molds to your feet quickly. One other interesting feature that I don’t typically see in a running shoe, more of a casual shoe feature is the sock-like forefoot construction that have no inner seams.

THIS was one of my top 3 favorite things about this shoe because I have funny pinky toes that are always rubbing on shoes, especially if there is any kind of seam, stitch, whatever that sticks out. So, these never gave me any rubbing which a shoe typically does in the breaking in period. ALSO! These are GREAT for wide feet like I have. Even though they took a little wearing in to have them mold to my feet and get comfy, they were so great right off the bat for my foot shape.

These are definitely road shoes and the sole of the shoe in particular really held up to the concrete that exists in my neighborhood which I’m pretty sure was designed specifically to EAT SHOES.  Almost every other shoe I have, the sole of the shoe lasts about 2 minutes before it starts to shoe wear. These went on I think about 10 runs before this review and look at the bottom! Hardly any wear!

I ended up with the color combo of Icy Morn / Copen Blue / Charlock but I think the coolest color combo is the Peachy Keen / Mecca Orange / Crystal Blue. One of my greatest complaints about women’s shoes is that they never come in orange! Orange is usually reserved for men’s shoes so big kudos to Salomon for giving us that option!

Would these shoes become my every day shoes? They are certainly going to be in my rotation and will make a nice option on my more casual run days. They just exude casual run confidence.

So! TLDR / here are the deets on this shoe:

  • Takes a bit of breaking in but once broken in, a flexible and cushy ride.
  • A nice solid, predictable and easy ride for casual runs.
  • Thanks to the Molded OrthoLite® sockliner this shoe is a wide foot friendly, moldable and inner seamless shoe for people who struggle with rubbing or tight toe boxes (me!).
  • I didn’t notice this in the description of the shoe on the Salomon website, but I found the guard rails on this shoe to be really nice. They were in the right place, sturdy and not too structured so give that more comfortable but structured ride.
  • They were also super light! I always get a little wary of light shoes but these felt light and springy in addition to everything I’ve mentioned about being sturdy.
  • The Road Contagrip® material is 100% why the bottom of the shoe held up SO WELL to my shoe eating concrete

So get out there and give these a try! $150 for both men’s and women’s shoes on the Salomon website.

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