Just in Time for Fall – the Houdini Pace Wind Jacket

Based in Sweden, Houdini Sportswear is a company that’s a little different. They want their products to be simple and free of gimmicks and they make them to last. If any part of your garment breaks before the clothing is worn out, Houdini will help you repair it. If you no longer wear your Houdini article of clothing, there is a used marketplace for Houdini clothing both in store and online.

Houdini’s products are either Circular (made either from recycled and recyclable or renewable and biodegradable fibers), Recycled (at least 50%), or Recyclable (recycle units are in all Houdini stores and in some retailers).

I tried out the W’s Pace Wind Jacket. The first thing I noticed about the jacket was how surprisingly light it is. The second thing I noticed was the extra long sleeves with the thumbholes. There’s just something about sleeves with thumbholes, especially at the start of a cooler run . . . what a great invention!

The first time I put it on was for a pre-race check in. The morning started out cool, but promised to warm up quickly, so I was just wearing it until race time. It took the chill off and was super comfortable. The only thing that made me sad was that there were no side pockets. However, I did discover later that the jacket has a small zippered chest pocket that is somewhat hidden and is the perfect size for ID, a key, gel, etc.

My Pace Wind Jacket is Cosmic Blue, which I really like. It also comes in Black and Sugar Snow. The jacket is a loose fit, but is true to size. I appreciate that the jacket skims comfortably over my hips when zipped up and doesn’t hug too tightly. The jacket moves with you so you aren’t constantly adjusting as you go.

The collar is a bit finicky when the jacket isn’t zipped up all the way. The hidden pocket beside the zipper can make the collar lie awkwardly at various zipper heights. Besides that, the lightweight nature of this jacket makes it just right for those upcoming crisp fall mornings (or cool evenings) when you need a layer without much to it.

Houdini Sportswear is admittedly higher priced than many other sportswear brands. However, the higher quality that is meant to last for years should help justify the pricing. And, Houdini’s commitment to recyclable, reused, and reusable fabrics means extra time and effort go into each garment.

You can order Houdini products online and you can find them at retailers around the U.S. Look for the Houdini brand at evo stores in Portland and Hood River.

Houdini Sportswear
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Product and Pricing
  • W’s Pace Wind Jacket | $180
    • Main Fabric: C9 Ripstop 100% recycled polyester
    • Additional Fabric: Wish Woven 70% recycled polyester, 30% polyester

Thank you to Houdini for providing us with a sample jacket. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.


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