Reviewing Cascada in the Oregon Cascades

It’s always fun to stumble into a new company to us. Our latest review are a couple of new pieces from the running line of Cascada – an Italian brand that has its roots in the outdoor sphere. Their Spring/Summer running line provides functionality with cool and unique visuals. We have recently been trying out a few items from that collection.

More about Cascada:

We design our products in Trentino (North Italy), using them daily in our adventures among lakes, woods and mountains, getting inspired by the environment that surrounds us. We create versatile and usable solutions for all outdoor activities, believing every product must satisfy multiple uses.

Trail Lightweight T Shirt

Living for the Search of Unknown Lands.” As someone who loves exploring new locations by foot whenever possible, this quote really works for me. It’s also printed on the back of one version of Cascada’s Trail Lightweight T Shirt and really resonates with me.

This shirt fits true to size, but seems to have a little bit more of a relaxed fit send some others on the market. Definitely order your standard size,, but expect a little more room to maneuver.

The top is very comfortable, and extremely breathable. If you look close enough at the material, you can actually see through it. It is super lightweight and really caters towards keeping you cool on a warm run. We have worn this a handful of times, and it has been strong and durable as well.

Overall, it’s hard to nitpick much of anything about T-shirt’s functionality and visuals – I just love all aspects of it. There are a couple of other style options to check out as well – all of which have unique style and look to them.

Wolf Running Shorts

These shorts, first and foremost, are for the gentlemen out there who prefer a shorter inseam and are not afraid to show a little leg. I am generally not one of those people, so note that in advance and you should be fine. The cut, at 5″, doesn’t seem that short, but the side slits make it seem a little slower while allowing for a significant freedom of motion in the legs.

That being said, this is an extremely light and comfortable pair of running shorts. They are extremely race ready and designed with motion in mind. They have the construction that much of us desire in running shorts – ultra-lightweight, quick-drying and highly breathable 4-way stretch fabric. Even with the thin fabric and shorter cut there, surprisingly, are 2 pockets as well.

The brief liner is honestly one of the more comfortable inners that I have tried. It just fits and feels quite nice. The outside of our shorts has a box on the left by and the company logo on the back of the right leg. Both provide a little bit of flair to a simple black short construction. There are also other color ways as well.



The thing about socks is, you don’t always notice them unless they are bad. “Bad” has many definitions when it comes to socks, as it could mean that they itch, that they don’t wick well, or maybe there’s an annoying seam on them that could potentially give you a blister. You can really pay attention to socks when they suck, but not so much when they don’t. And that’s usually the mark of a good sock, because you’ve forgotten all about them and there are more important things to think about on a run. The Cross Socks and the Stained Socks are great options for those who want a little higher fit.

The Cross Socks are made of Dryarn and provide a defense of odor causing bacteria via moisture absorption. They are comfortable (for those who like a little height) and really have some solid designs to them. There are mostly solid-colored versions, but the snake version (reviewed) is an awesome option. The Stained Socks come in a singular color and are soft and provide the same wicking construction. It feels a little lighter and thinner than the Cross Socks, yet seem to still provide the support that we runners need. Overall, these are both solid socks options.


Overall, I am really impressed with this European brand. The styles, while not completely out there, he’ll fresh and stylistic play you need. The items have solid functionality and style to boot. We can’t wait to see more from Cascada.


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Thank you to Cascada for providing us with test items. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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