Running Shoes for the Female Runner: Puma Run XX Nitro Women’s Running Shoes

In 1972, the first official female competitors joined the starting line of the Boston Marathon. In 2022, females made up 43% of those finishing the 26.2 mile journey. I am so grateful for all the generations of female runners before me that have opened up the sport for the rest of us. Just one example of women taking up more space in the running world is in the shoe market where more and more brands are recognizing that their female customers have unique biological needs for their miles. PUMA is a great example of this movement with their new Run XX NITRO Women’s Running Shoes.

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The design is focused on the unique needs of a woman’s foot, such as narrow structure in the heel, solid cushioning for the arch, and midsole support. Putting them on the first time, I barely made any adjustments to the laces compared to some brands that required lots of maneuvering to keep my heel from slipping out.

Using for a few neighborhood runs, I appreciated the well-supported shoes with high foam siding to keep drier from puddles or early morning dew. The shades of pink felt almost glow-in-the-dark in the early morning to avoid summer heat. And I loved that the back had a banner that reminded me of Wonder Woman’s tiara. Even the message inside the shoe (“Run”) was an inspiration to get going. The fit and design all came together to encourage one more mile before starting the workday.

PUMA has a video you can watch to see more about these shoes in action. And they have lots of branding throughout the shoe to remind you who is supporting you for however many miles you want to go.


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Run XX Nitro Women’s Running Shoes | $130



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