Vamanos! Checking out the Vamos Track Jacket from Nathan

Being that the PNW is considered a temperate rainforest, we see a lot of rain and wind with our somewhat chilly temperatures in the fall, winter, and spring. Picking gear before a run requires factoring in potential weather conditions and the length of time you will be outside. Most of us have probably experienced runs with rain, sleet, wind and temperature variances up to 20 degrees on the same workout. With the normal varying early spring weather that we experience in the Valley, this was a great time to use the Vamos Jacket from Nathan.

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I also got in several runs with this jacket in varying conditions. Most windbreakers are not very porous, so they tend to get uncomfortable in warmer temperatures. The Vamos Jacket did a lot better than expected, still functional when temperatures reached the 50s. It definitely succeeded in minimizing the wind chill and in some mild rain, I was still dry without restricting movement. It is fitted, yet the large size still had enough room for layering on my frame – and enough stretch as well. The sleeves had enough room for full movement but didn’t feel baggy and the partially elastic bound cuffs kept the temperature in. As a whole, the jacket did not swing or create any weird sensations of movement as a result of the fitted cut and it’s inability to gain weight by soaking up water.

When it came down to actually facing the elements, I was quite surprised. Deciding to gamble a little, I wore only a tank top under the jacket on a breezy 5 miler while the temps were in the lower 40s. I wasn’t pushing the pace which meant that my body temperature wasn’t going to be increasing a great deal. In spite of the sporadic rain and the fact that if I had been wearing any of my other outerwear in this fashion I would have been chilly, I felt great. My tank top was completely dry and the wind did not cut through the jacket at all. I was very impressed. I am not 100% sure how this would handle a full-on PNW downpour, but for many Oregon days, this seems like it would fit in great.

I also love that there are a few pocket options – something that doesn’t generally make their way into all running jackets.

  • 2 zipper secured closure hand pockets
  • 1 exposed left chest zipper pocket
  • 1 hidden inside mesh pocket on the right

The Vamos Jacket is great for training runs and the usual pre- and post-race runs. It also works great as a casual option out and about. It is sleek enough to not immediately be noticed as a running jacket, which is necessary for a crossover item. At times when the conditions are less than ideal, staying dry and warm is key to a good performance and maintaining overall health. Being able to take care of those needs without hauling around several pieces of gear or a bulky jacket is ideal. And Nathan really nails it.


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  • Vamos Track Jacket ($100)
    • 86% Polyester, 14% Spandex
    • Three Colors:
      • Maroon
      • Peacoat (navy)
      • Charcoal

Thank you to Nathan for providing us with a sample jacket Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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