Tracksmith’s updated Van Cortlandt Line is Fire

Tracksmith is synonymous with classy modern takes on historical running themes – and the first product they launched was a Van Cortlandt singlet that came complete with a diagonal sash and had deep meaning outside of looks alone.

The Tracksmith sash is inspired by the Cornell Track and Field teams of the late 1800s. Athletes who scored points at the league championships earned a satin sash, sewn over the “C” on their singlet. It’s a symbol of excellence that we hope will inspire runners to perform at a level worthy of all those who’ve worn it before.

Here we are now – six years later and the Van Cortlandt line (men | women) is being updated with new colors and items that continue to make a statement.

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The new colorways in this year’s Van Cortlandt launch look really fantastic. While we LOVE (and reviewed) the Marigold/Flame colors, there are some more muted options if you are looking to stay a little more under the radar. Even with the brightness that our review pair of shorts and tee possesses, it still has such a stylish and classy look – simple with a little bit of understated flair.

The top is cut on the slim side, so sizing up may be necessary if you want or need more room. But as someone that can feel a little restricted from time to to time, depending on how my motivation is going, I found them to fit true to size. The shorts also definitely fit true to size and the 4″ is the longest in the collection along with their other pair geared towards even less leg restrictiveness.

Both items also feel ridiculously good as well. The open-weave mesh material (their famed 2:09 Mesh) is very breathable and extremely light. On a few warmer spring jaunts, these have been great, and I expect these being pretty go-to when the mid-summer warmth hits due to it keeping me feeling light and stretchy without weighing me down to excess sweat.

Tracksmith continues to meet all of our expectations, on both style and function. Some may find the price tags a bit on the high side (and we understand running budgets can be strained from time to time), but quality made products really are a sound investment if its in the cards to do it. We always recommend purchasing quality over quantity if you can! And Tracksmith surely knows a lot about quality.


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