We are Ready for the Great Outdoors with the new Ecotrek Trail Pants from LIVSN

We have worked with LIVSN for a few years now. This clothing company was featured back in 2020 when we reviewed their Canvas Pants, and then again in 2021 when they expanded those pants into shorts. I still wear these with regularity and they may be some the most stylishly functional bottoms I have in my closet. Today, we are checking out their new Ecotrek Trail Pants, an item that is a hard combination to attain – function, comfort, and still somehow stylish.

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There are some heavy hitters in the review world who have put these pants – made with recycled plastic ocean buoys – to the test.

The EcoTrek pants start life as fishing gear. The material used to make the pants, Oceanflex fabric, is 70% recycled fishing buoys recovered from the ocean.

And the rest is 25% nylon and 5% spandex for stretch. The YKK zipper taping is also created from recycled ocean plastic.

So cool! And with a Kickstarter seeding of over $550k(!), its clear to see that others loved this awesomeness as well. Chalk us up in this camp, as we feel this may be the best clothing we have tried from LIVSN!

While we enjoyed their previous items, the Ecotrek Trail pants make things even better in our opinion. They are definitely much lighter and flexible than other items in their repertoire – so much so that these basically scream out to be worn on the trails. There is a bit more roominess and stretch that really demand to be a go-to hiking pant (I see you gusseted crotch and articulated knees). They also have the now-standard qualities that most active clothing items require – breathability, water-resistance, and drying quickly. I have worn these a handful of times when doing walks with the fam (the longer trails will be calling my name soon) and, even in some warmer temperatures I was surprised how well they held up.

Even with all of that, I also love that these are stylish enough to be worn out and about without it looking “weird”. They go from activewear to casualwear with ease.

As far as “accessories” go, the Ecotrek pants have them. The pockets are actually quite nice (I have been having issues with the cut of pockets recently and their tendency to have things fall out when seated) and there are two zipped ones on the back and larger ones on the front that are cut deep enough to avoid my previous challenge. There is also a knife pocket on the leg if interested.

They also accommodate cyclists (or other sport needs too I suppose) by allowing the bottom cuffs to roll up and be secured around the calf via an attached button on the leg.

LIVSN describes these pants as such (and we couldn’t agree more):

Our customers asked for fully synthetic pants that can go on extended hikes in both wet and cold conditions – so we got to work! The Ecotrek pants are our most innovative and sustainable pants yet.

I was pretty much blown away by these pants. They are an active PNW’ers dream – versatile enough to step into any situation you need.

PLEASE NOTE** We recommend sizing up by a full two inches. I am a standard 34 in everything I wear, though our first review attempt at this size yielded that there was NO WAY we were going to be able to fit in these. I received a secondary 36 – which fit perfectly. Make sure you size up a bit and you will be fine.**

The Ecotrek Trail Pants come in 3 colors: Caramel (reviewed), Charcoal, and Olive.


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  • Ecotrek Trail Pants ($129)
    • 70% Recycled Nylon from recycled ocean buoys, 25% Nylon and 5% spandex with a C6 DWR Coating

Thank you to LIVSN for providing us with a review pair. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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