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It’s always exciting when we stumble into an up and coming apparel or shoe company. While we love the big established brands, there is always something fun about checking out new companies as well. We first heard about Fox & Robin while perusing the Wild Coast Running Company’s IG page (if you are ever on the South Oregon Coast – check them out!). Here’s a little bit about them:

Our name is inspired by Robin Hood – someone that will stand up for what is right and for those without a voice. In the cartoon portrayal of this classic, Robin Hood is a fox. Our marketing geniuses took it from there.

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What makes them unique in the activewear landscape is that they are a benefit corporation – meaning they legally exist to optimize for a triple bottom line – financial, social, and environmental. They donate 1% of sales to environmental NGOs to help protect our planet and replenish the resources we spend. Forrest Galante, a world-renowned conservationist and member of their Advisory Board, hand selects all non-profits that they support.

We recently tried out some tops and bottoms from them. Their products come in gorgeous colors and the material is well made, which is evident as soon as you pull them out of the shipping bags.

fox & robin4Nikki:

It’s ALL about the pants. Or more specifically in the case of exercise and movement, the leggings. I wear them For my job, for my hobbies (running, duh!) and sometimes, if I’m lazy, even to bed. If I don’t feel good in the leggings I’m wearing for life, I just won’t wear them.

Fox & Robin is a company that sells good quality leggings (and other stuff too, which we will get to when I stop rambling) that you might not have heard about. Instead of paying the high price tag of advertising everywhere, they choose to put their money into their products and sell them to us at a better price than some of those other well-known companies. And I kind of love that about them. Because of that, they rely on word of mouth. And if you rely on word of mouth, you better back it up by producing a product worth talking about.

The first thing I love about the High Impact Leggings is the side pockets. I don’t know why it took athletic companies so long to figure out we wanted pockets, but I’m so glad we are finally trending in that direction. This girl likes to have a place to quickly stash a phone, a car key, or a snack, and the pockets on these are stretchy and large enough to do so. Some leggings will drag once you put stuff in those pockets, but I took these leggings on a 3 mile run with my phone in one pocket and my keys in the other and forgot about them, which is a great sign.  They didn’t jiggle or distract me from my run.

The next thing that I loved about the leggings was the flattering fit and the thickness of the material which hides a lot of imperfections. They passed the squat test and I thought they looked pretty good when I slid them on. They came on like a second skin and stayed in place for a run and dinner and a beer afterwards. They also kept me warm but they weren’t overly hot. These are the perfect thickness for the crisp night air.



When the weather finally takes a turn for the better, you will find me in shorts as often as possible. In addition to running shorts, I think it’s almost equally important to have a solid pair of active shorts that can be worn whenever adventure calls – planned or otherwise.

I know I have mentioned it dozens of times in posts on Run Oregon, but my running short life is only about a year old now and prior to that I wore nothing but basketball shorts to run. Obviously, running shorts are the way to go in most situations, but it is true that they are pretty one-dimensional. It isn’t too often that I feel comfortable wearing running shorts when I am doing anything other than running. Therefore, I find it handy to have a couple of pairs of multi-functional gym/lifestyle shorts that can be used in all situations. The Olive You shorts are a really nice addition to this category.

These are a fantastic hybrid short that seems to be able to hold up to a variety of conditions, as well as a variety of activities. They are available in two inseams (7 inch and 5 inch) and work great as a running short in a pinch, a hiking trip, or a casual short. I think that these are perfect for someone who is out in nature in some capacity – exploring all there is to offer, regardless of location. The pockets are deep to carry whatever you may need and also come with a vertical zipper pocket near right hip. We also really liked the waistband as its both comfortable and functional – with drawstrings tucked away on the inside.

fox & robin3Top

As for the Open Back Tank, this shirt was definitely made with a woman’s body in mind. It looks like a muscle tank in the front with a split seam in the back. It hugs the right places yet it’s loose around the waist because of the flowy back. Some shirts that are this style can be unflattering and make women’s hips look larger than they are, but something about the taper of this one doesn’t do that.

The back is longer than the front, so it will cover your bum a bit if you leave it loose, but you also have to option of tying the back ends together to make it a bit more fitted. I did a circuit class in it and ended up tying it because the high impact movement made it ride up my back during Burpees, but once I did so, it was perfect.

The material on this tank is a soft mesh, which is nice and cool. It feels stretchy and smooth, unlike some mesh material that’s a bit rougher to the touch. As with the leggings, the material of the tank feels high quality and like it will hold together well.

Clearly, we enjoyed this gear from Fox & Robin and we especially love their mission.  We recommend giving them a try.

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  • Olive You | $45
    • 90% Polyester / 10% Spandex

Thank you to Fox & Robin for providing us with test items. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.


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