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AFO-Vent Multi Short 

Over the past few years, I’ve been buying running gear from small specialty companies. I like supporting companies that are dedicated to the sport of running at all levels, and their unique designs, fabrics, and construction result in well-fitting gear that’s comfortable to run in. Janji fits this description to a T, and I love all the gear we’ve received from them.

Running shorts with embedded long compression underneath and me don’t always get along. Whether it is the shorts, or just my lower body genetic construction, I can sometimes have a love-hate relationship with these types of lower body coverings. The AFO-Vent Multi Short is one of the few in my running closet that has proven to be effective and comfortable.

These shorts come in three colors ranging from a flashy red to a standard gray (reviewed), with a blue in-between colorway. There are a couple of Janji logos on the front and back, but otherwise they are a clean distraction-free look. We reviewed the 7″ length, but there are other sizes available if you want to go shorter. Even though our pictures wouldn’t necessarily showcase it, the compression liner falls a little longer than the outer short when worn.

Most running apparel nowadays can’t even break into the market without a baseline construction that meets the needs of a runner. These shorts are no different so  it’s unsurprising to see them have flexible four way stretch, odor reducing and breathable material in the short itself, as well as moisture-wicking capabilities in the compression liner. Running shorts hardly exist nowadays that aren’t, at minimum, made this way. It’s clear that Janji knows how to make an quality running item.

From the construction standpoint, what really stands apart in the shorts is the waist band with five individual internal pockets that are surprisingly accessible and functional enough to keep most items from bouncing wildly thanks to their “power mesh” material. There was some bounce when utilizing a full on iPhone, but it could still be accomplished decently well. I do wish the cinch was a little stronger, but it ultimately holds up well. For most lighter items like keys, gel, and cash or credit cards, they work perfect. With the clip included in the left front pocket to secure keys and you will never be without necessary storage space.

Most shorts can claim to be anti-chafe, but after wearing on no less than 10 occasions, I have not experienced any chafing – something that isn’t always the case for me with compression liners. Chalk it up to their bonded hem seams or something else – but I have been pleasantly surprised with these shorts.

Mercury Crew Pullover

Here in the PNW – warmth is necessary 3 seasons of the year. While Springs and Falls can be beautiful here, we often need to be prepared to keep warm both on our runs and out and about. But unlike many other areas of the country – we don’t necessarily need or want heavy options to do so. The Mercury Crew Pullover provides a really nice option that can keep the core body temperature warm without adding bulk. It’s a solid midlayer, but I have really enjoyed it as a standalone piece. The sleeves are long enough even for me, and have the added thumbholes to keep you covered.

The fit is actually a little roomier than I expected – and I really liked this. So many items billed as mid-layers seem to be skewing “slim” – which is generally fine. However, having some options that allow for layering is also appreciated. It is also quite comfortable due to it’s construction (Mercury Knit) and “peaching process“. It’s very soft to the touch and the wear is no different.

I did find that the top seemed to be fitting relatively short on the body. I am 6’2 and the hem laid right at my pant waistline. While this isn’t generally too terrible when standing, any movement of my hands upward brought the shirt up and showed my belly. While this won’t really be much of an issue when layering or running, if you are planning to wear it as a standalone, or are someone with a larger torso like myself, take a note on the length.

The back hem is cut lower and there are reflective qualities embedded as well (sleeve seams, logo on front, and  “watermark” on back).

Repeat Merino Tech Tee

You can never have too many tee-shirts in my opinion. I generally opt for comfort whenever possible, so having items that feel and look good, as well as are multi-functional, are a must for me. Janji’s Merino Tech Tee fits the bill. The Merino construction obviously makes it a prime option for function (i.e. moisture-wicking, odor-reduction, light you know – all the good things) and the simple visuals (comes in three earth tones) make it a great option for both running and wearing out and about.

Clearly, we continue to love what Janji puts out. We think you will feel the same way.


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