Hopping Between Raindrops in rabbit

The rainy spring season has begun in the Pacific Northwest, which means lots of beautiful flowers and lots of challenges for runners. Depending on the hour, a run might include bright sunshine, howling winds, sudden downpours, and everything in between. That is why this runner is always on the hunt for light-weight layers that can keep those raindrops out a little bit longer.

When I first opened my package from rabbit, I’m going to admit I was skeptical about if these clothes could last through blocks of running in the rain let alone miles of it. The fabric for the swish, swish pullover, and swish vest are made from recycled coffee grounds. Which is just beyond cool, but I wasn’t sure how coffee would deal with the PNW elements. The crinkly texture of the swish pullover was a barely-there weight over my tank top base layer. And four miles into my neighborhood 10K, it was holding out the rain just as well as my much heavier jackets from other companies. I was proven wrong in the best way possible.

The three swish designs provide great options for protection against the elements in different situations. Like the swish vest is exactly what I like for the early morning run when I’m feeling cold heading out the door but know it’ll be fine in a mile or two. The cuffs for the long-sleeve tops stretch; I am always in need of tops where I can push up my sleeves without cutting off my circulation. And the ones I tried in the rain dried out long before I did.

The other designs rabbit supplied, cold front and ribbit, are great for evening walks or weekend hikes when I am not as focused on keeping cool. And the baltic solid color for the cold front top is the exact kind of pop I want for feeling safer during spring evening walks (drivers really need to learn to look both ways!). Really all the colors are great additions to the closet; not overpowering and not boring.

I am glad to recommend rabbit to other runners and walkers looking to add some extra water protection to their wardrobe this spring. We ain’t afraid of no rain!

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Products & Price:
  • cold front | $52 On sale now!
    • Compression top that can be used as base layer or on its own in a bright color with reflective seams.
  • ribbit | $85
    • Made from rabbitWOOL for soft on skin while wicking away moisture.
  • swish | $120
    • Full-zip hooded jacket made from recycled coffee grounds to be water-resistant and wind-resistant.
  • swish pullover | $100
    • Provides extra bright protection on a cloudy day, and then folds up into the front pocket.
  • swish vest | $90
    • Keeps your core warm and has a pocket to stash one last essential.

Thank you to rabbit for providing us with test multiple running tops. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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