SAYSKY’s February Launch is Earthy Goodness

SAYSKY may not be a running company you have heard of before, but that is starting to change a little. This Denmark-based brand has been around since 2013 and tries to bridge the gap between performance and relaxation, opting to fill a gap for those who care about running, but are less interested in the rat race of fashion. Thus, they churn out items (that often sell out quickly) with items that are extremely functional and with their own distinct style (we have heard it called “urban-Scandinavian”), but not over the top and in your face “look at me!”.

We recently tried out some items from Saysky’s February Drop – the theme color being a bold and earthy “Summer Fig” combo of browns and orange (including camo) that is somehow both bold and understated at the same time.

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Splinter Pace Jacket

Looks may or may not matter to you, but this jacket is as good looking “in real life” with its burgundy camo print and coral piping as in the picture on the website. And the material is silky soft and smooth, a dream to put on and a great excuse to work when you otherwise maybe don’t want to. If you live in the Pacific Northwest, a jacket like this designed to withstand the wind will come in handy plenty.

There’s a subtle SAYSKY logo on the chest, a WORLDWIDE RUNNING TRIBE logo on the arm, and a black logo across the back that kinda blends into the pattern.

Splinter 2 In 1 Shorts

Nikki: As the personal owner of large thighs, I used to think the only style shorts I could get away with were biker-style shorts to help with the inevitable chafe. But then shorts in this style started to gain popularity, which was right up my alley – a regular athletic short with “built in” biker shorts. Some of these style shorts are still too short for me, but the SAYSKY ones are a great length. They aren’t an awkward longer length, but they have adequate thigh coverage too.

Matt: I agree with Nikki’s sentiment as well. I have larger thighs as well and I often struggle with shorts that have built-in undergarments. There’s nothing worse than the undergarment and/or shorts sagging during run. That can (and has) led to chafing and discomfort on more than one occasion. I have NOT had this issue with these shorts and they stay in place really well. No chafage here!

They come in the same cool burgundy camo print with the orange inner shorts for women and black inner shorts for men, and seem like they can be stylish on every body type. The material is super silky soft, like the jacket, and there are not only two side pockets on the inner shorts, but two additional pockets inside too that would be perfect for a GU or something small. These are a trail runner’s ultimate dream. They stay put but aren’t compressive and there’s an inner drawstring that you can adjust to your liking. You’ll find a small label on the front as well as on the back.

Blaze Tights

Nikki: I was most anxious to try the Blaze Tights, as I wear running tights year-round unless it gets really hot outside. It’s important to find relatively squat-proof tights that will stay up for many miles. Even though I’m not all that tall, I’m longer in the torso than in the legs, so if tights don’t fit me just right, I’ll find myself tugging them up a lot.

The waistband is not as thick as some of the other brands I wear, but that didn’t translate to them falling or sagging. The first time I put them on I ended up wearing them all day and they never budged.


The Blaze Tights are sublimated with an orange color inside, and in person they are a gorgeous ombre with an embossed star pattern. They are really beautiful in person and they feel like a second skin when you slide them on. The inside of these tights are as soft and smooth as the outside, and they cover everything well. They almost feel double-layered, and the thicker fabric made cold weather runs feel more manageable.  Luckily, they aren’t unbearably heat-inducing either, which is a plus if you run hot.

They are also extremely comfortable and very high quality. Though these are on the higher scale price-wise, you can definitely see and feel where the extra money is going when you take them out for a sweat session. These tights have a raised SAYSKY logo on the thigh and another on the waist, as well as a zippered pocket on the back at about mid waist that would be perfect for a GU.

Classic Pace Longsleeve

This is a unisex t-shirt and it’s simple and stylish. As with all the other SAYSKY clothing we tried, the material on this shirt is deluxe. We could live in this shirt all day, every day. The top seems to be generous in size, but isn’t boxy or tight in the shoulders as some long-sleeved shirts can be. This shirt is the perfect option for a run on a cooler day, perhaps under the Splinter jacket. The color is a black mélange with the SAYSKY logo proudly displayed on the front and some woven labels on the arm and back.


We continue to love SAYSKY gear. You’ll definitely feel the difference between “quality” and “just okay quality” when you try these on. All of the items we tried were very nice and we would be willing to bet you can’t go wrong with anything else on their website as well. 


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