What Run Oregon is Trying: SAYSKY Light Running Backpack

Run Oregon has recently fallen in love with a company called SAYSKY. They are from Copenhagen and they consider themselves to be “high performance with a casual and urban feel.” We couldn’t agree more. Everything we’ve tried has been very functional and high quality, with a flair for style built in too.

Runners are always looking for the next great piece of gear, especially if they plan on being on their feet for awhile. There are a lot of options for backpacks, too many in fact. SAYSKY has just three bag options available for purchase, and each are built to meet your needs. The Bum Bag is fanny-pack style that’s perfect for short jaunts and hikes. There’s also the 12L Running Commuter Backpack which is pretty heavy duty for the long haul.  And then you have their middle option, the “Goldie Locks” of “just right,” the Light Running Backpack, which is a 8L option. This is the one I got to try out.

SAYSKY1The first thing I’ll say about the Light Running Backpack is that, like all of SAYSKY’s other products I’ve tried, it’s really stylish. I love that this backpack has a retro-reflective pattern so you can wear it on dark days and be seen. It’s small but mighty, and it can hold more than you’d expect.

Surprisingly, finding the right sized running backpack can be daunting. It’s pretty easy to find some of the huge packs you’d use for week-long hikes or hydration packs that carry enough to get you through a 100 mile ultra, but the selection of the smaller packs seem more limited. I am generally very minimalist in what I carry for an ultra or a trail race of any kind, so I like a pack that is lightweight and sits well on my back without weighing me down. I feel that the SAYSKY Light Running Backpack is just perfect for a medium-sized trail run or hike, and it’s still big enough to get a good stash of stuff inside.

SAYSKY2The SAYSKY Light Running Backpack can hold 8 liters of liquid (bladder not included) and it’s also waterproof. It’s adjustable and has many stash pockets. There are two small zipper pockets on the front that could hold car keys or something small, as well as 4 pockets on the chest that could hold snacks, a phone, or whatever else you want to have quick access to. The back has one long zippered chamber down the middle that would be great for stowing a pair of gloves, a hat, or a super packable jacket. Then there is the zippered main flap in the back where you could put your bladder or water system, along with anything else you think you’ll need. In addition to this, there are two more pockets on the back that are long and narrow. Those might fit a slim water bottle or anything that you want to shove down into the bottom that won’t fall out. The entire backpack is adjustable, lightweight, and most importantly, it will mold well to your body while running. This thing won’t flop around while you’re on the go.

This pack is unisex and I think it would work well for anyone who wants to spend a day out on the trails. Now that my kids are old enough to carry their own gear, I know that this pack will be great for summer days outdoors. It doesn’t need to be used as a hydration pack, but it’s certainly built to be one if that’s what you want from it, and I love that versatility. It’s very comfortable to put on and it doesn’t cause neck or back pain with prolonged use. For the bargain price of $119, it’s very durable and made well. This will be a great go-to on days that I don’t feel like loading myself up to the gills in equipment.


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Products & Price:
Specs (from website):
  • 100% waterproof ripstop polyester
  • Capacity: 8 Liters
  • Pictured water bottles are not included. They recommend max. 500ml soft flasks.

Thank you to SAYSKY for providing us with a sample pack. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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