Sustainability from Europe to the US – Checking out Athleisure from Lune Active

Introducing Lune Active, an athleisure wear brand for women from Europe – featuring women’s shorts, tights, and tops for daily wear and fitness. Yes, I know this is Run Oregon, but we runners do more than just run. Most of us know that adding strength training and some type of stretching – like yoga – is beneficial in keeping us running longer and stronger.

While you may use your running tights for your floor-based workouts, sometimes they just don’t do the trick on the gym or yoga mat. The zippers on your pockets can dig in during a floor exercise and the fit that works great for running can sag during the varied movement of your workouts. In the same way you are picky about the perfect pair of tights for your long runs, you should also be particular about your workout tights in other aspects of your fitness.

Workout tights for me need to stay in place no matter which way I move. When I squat, I don’t want to worry about my tights pulling down in back and exposing me. When I’m in a downward dog, I don’t want to discover – from someone else – that my tights are see through. Eeek! Overall, I just don’t want to be constantly adjusting my tights throughout my workout. I just want to workout and NOT think about my tights. Just like when I run. I want them to fit right and move with me.

We had the opportunity to try out a kit from Lune Active – which included the Luna High-Waisted Rib Legging and Bandeau-fit Pique Bra. Both of these items fit true to size and they have held up nicely during my varied workouts AND multiple washes as well. The fabric blend has proved to be both breathable and comfortable, as well as sustainable (it is made in-house at Lune Active!). Personally, I would prefer the fabric to have a teeny bit little more of a compression fit, but that’s a personal choice and they still ended up not being a distraction during my workouts.

There are no zippers or extra fabric due to pockets or design elements, so they work great for workouts, a stretching session, or even just lounging around. There are a variety of colors within these items, and they really pop. While there are a dozen+ colors in the tights, the Pine Green just screams PNW. And, most importantly, the tights are NOT see-through! While I have not run in these, I believe they would easily double as a running tight, as long as you don’t require pockets.

The bandeau bra is seamless and had a really great fit and feel to them. While I wouldn’t be prepared to wear this on a run (gotta have that extra support on the road and trails!), it works great for those more medium to low-intensity workouts. The straps were secure and had no issue in keeping me supported during stretching, pilates, and yoga. And, if you care about those sorts of things, it also looks fantastic. It’s something that can actually easily double as an everyday bra.

My overall review of this kit, and this company, has been a definite thumbs up! The cost is actually pretty dang solid and the quality of the gear we received would have had me expecting to pay much more.

More about Lune Active:

Lune Active is an athleisure brand committed to creating collections that blur the lines between sportswear and daywear. The items are characterized by the perfect balance between shaping activewear and fashion-forward pieces. Founded by Ashley Samwel and Lisa de Vries, with the goal to bring collections that balance technical innovation and iconic design to fit the active lifestyle of today’s sophisticated and conscious woman.

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Thank you to Lune Active for providing us with a sample kit. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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