It’s All Good in the Hood – The Craft Glide Hood Jacket that is

Here in the PNW, it is imperative that you have a good jacket. Shoot – it’s imperative that you have MULTIPLE good jackets. For us runners and outdoors enthusiasts, that can add up in both space and cost. Needing to have running jackets, cool-weather jackets, cold-weather/snow jackets, and rain jackets is a burden that becomes less so when you have versatile options available to you. After testing out the Craft Glide Hood Jacket, we think this fits this role quite well.

We are new to the world of Craft Sportswear, but over the past six months or so (after testing shoes, tops, and other gear) we haver really come to appreciate their items. They are quality made items with a design and functionality that is rooted a little outside of the running sphere (though that is changing), and into  cycling and skiing. So an item like the Glide Hood Jacket, which is actually designed with an eye towards cross country skiing, works amazingly well as a cold-weather running jacket, as well as a casual everyday option as well.

The Glide Hood Jacket is a slim-fitting, hooded jacket that comes in 9 color options – including a nice mix of some more bold and classic colorways. I am pretty much obsessed with our tested version (the Ash-Tawny mix is amazing)! Now I find that this “slim-fit” is the right kind of slim. As someone whose weight can fluxuate from time to time (looking at you Thanksgiving to Christmas season), sometimes things that are described as slim fit are so tight that it is impossible to wear unless you have a specific and unchanging body shape. That’s not me.

So this is why I appreciated this jacket and sizing – it fits snugger and with a little bit of an angled fit – but not to the point of being uncomfortable or constrictive. The back is a drop-cut in nature, curving lower than the sides for an extended length. It’s also why it’s both a great option for wearing as an everyday option and for cold weather running – there is still room for layering to keep yourself warm along the way.

And speaking of warmth – this is really evident in this jacket. As it is designed for cross-country skiing in cold conditions, the elastic 3L wind and waterproof fabric has kept be both warm and dry (as we have had both downpours and sunny – yet chilly – days during our review period). When I needed a little more warmth, utilizing the elastic to tighten the bottom (conveniently located within the pockets!) came in very handy.

The hood is definitely a little larger and looser than most running jackets are, so it can feel a little “floppy” on runs. This obviously makes sense, since skiing / snowshoeing doesn’t have as much of a jarring movement as running does. You may want to bring another hood/hat/ear warmer option in those situations where you need a head covering.

Overall, as you can probably tell, we have been in LOVE with this jacket. It has become an everyday staple over this past winter month, and I expect it to be around for years to come as the seasons turn, during those chilly runs, on our trips to the Coast, and anywhere a little extra warmth is needed.

Highly Recommended!

Craft Sportswear

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Products & Price:
  • Glide Hood Jacket ($130)
    • Body: Face 100% polyester Mid 100% polyurethane Back 100% polyester
    • Lower back body: 92% polyester recycled 8% elastane

Thank you to Craft for providing us with a sample jacket. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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