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I’m a multitasker. We all kinda are, but I commonly physically move from task to task in my car, in my job, in my home, and generally in my life and I dress for all of the above. If you were to look in my closet, you’d notice that most of my clothes are for casual wear, as my job in the fitness industry rarely requires me to dress up. When I can find clothes that are also multitaskers – meaning something that translates well from gym to grocery store to dinner with friends – it’s very valuable in my active life. I need something that moves well and looks good but is comfortable at the same time. Getting my hands on the Lolë Venture Long Sleeve Top and Logane Long Sleeve Top were a score, because this piece of clothing is versatile in just that way.

Lolë is a Canadian company that’s been around since 2002, and they are a global brand that want people to feel good. It helps that their clothes are known to be high end and good quality, and they really are classy and nice-looking as well.


The Venture is a vented shirt, with tiny perforated little holes throughout it, much like a mesh pair of basketball shorts. It’s built like a light-weight hoodie minus the hood but including the front kangaroo pocket and the general cut and style you’d expect of one. As an added bonus, there are thumb holes at the cuffs and a flattering scooped design at the hip that is meant to accentuate a women’s shape. The material is soft and silky, but not too difficult to care for. It’s something you could throw into the laundry easily but that feels good next to your skin.

As mentioned above, this is a top that can be used for several things. As a runner, my first question is always “can I run in it?” Absolutely. It’s probably not a stand-alone shirt in the winter, but it definitely can be worn under a jacket to keep you cool when you start to sweat, and it’s also a great option for the fall before the weather gets too chilly. The name of the game in Oregon is layers and this will layer well.

This is also a great shirt for a workout. I’ve been wearing this over a short-sleeved shirt for my Barre or Circuit Training classes during my warm up. When I’m arriving to the gym from outside and I’m still a little chilly, it provides just enough warmth to get me started comfortably without sweating like a pig immediately. It’s also a great option for cool down as my body temperature starts to lower even as I’m still sweaty.


The Logane is similar in a lot of ways to the Venture (thumbholes, scooped design, comfortable), but does have some differences at the same time. This top has a higher mock turtleneck at the top and a half-zip on the front. If we had to decide between the two which would be utilized for running – this would be it. It can operate as both a baselayer or as standalone outerwear. It also has some merino wool construction, making it able to stand up to the rigors of running when it comes to both temperature and moisture-wicking qualities.

What is really great is that both options are also cute enough to wear out and about and could easily be dressed up with jeans, leggings, or joggers. This sure beats the typical suspects in sweatshirt territory and these staple pieces are built to last without losing shape, style, or function. This is a win all the way around and I look forward to this being a go-to for my busy life.


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If there’s one thing we know, it’s how to dress for the seasons. In a city that sees temperatures drop to a frigid -40 C in the winter and rise to a balmy +35 C in the summer, we’ve mastered dressing for each season (and everything in between).

Lolë was created in 2002 by Evelyn Trempe when she spotted a gap in women’s technical outerwear. She noticed that the selection of women’s travel and outerwear was bland and lacked style. So she set off on a mission to create an inspiring collection for women who want to get out there and live out loud every day.

Fast-forward to today, Lolë has evolved into a global brand with a mission to inspire mindfulness. From smart consumption to unique experiences, we create to make you feel good, day and night, at work or play, year after year.

Thank you to Lolë for providing us with samples. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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