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Terra Sports Pants

The company Lolë, historically a woman-focused, fashion-forward active lifestyle brand, hasn’t really been known to us here at Run Oregon. We were excited to connect with this company, which not only has a variety of apparel offerings, but specifically items in running & fitness. A few months ago, their new men’s collection was released and we are excited to try out a few items from their 2021 Fall & Winter Collection, for both men and women.

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More about Lolë:

Inspired by the great Canadian landscape, this collection speaks to both outdoor adventurers and urban explorers alike. Lolë re-edits the ‘everyday basic’ and tailors them with technical features perfect for braving the elements and connecting with the outdoors this winter season. The collection gives a cutting-edge style that allows anyone to go from a meeting to a spontaneous hike in the woods, or wherever the next adventure is.

The Terra Sports Pants have really grown on me in the weeks of wearing this. They look really simple on the outside – they come in a simple black or navy color scheme – but they really pack a lot into a visually simple package.

The Terra Sports Pants are billed primarily as running pants, and its clear why. They are slim-fit, but the four-way stretch make it so it doesn’t feel restricting. The only tight area is really around the calf area of the legs – which have a length like joggers and fit well above the ankle. The slimness around this portion of the pants is the most recognizable and may take a few wears to adjust to if you aren’t used to that sort of fit. Even so, the stretch is generous.

The also have other great running-centric features – including relatively long zippers at the bottom that allow for ease in putting them on over shorts. They are also water-repellant and moisture-wicking, and have pockets on both sides and a zipped back pocket for necessary run storage like a key or a card.

While I have been using these for a few winter runs, I am also LOVING these for just lounging around the house and especially so during my early morning yoga in my cold garage. I’m loving these so much that I have hardly taken them off.

The Terra Sports Shorts are the shorter version of the pants – hence the similar name. Their structure is essentially the same (stretch, moisture-wicking, water-repellant, pockets), but does have some clear differences.

The most obvious one is the color scheme. The Terra Sports Shorts trade out the navy in the pants and include a cool and unique forest green styling. Its different than any other pair of shorts I have, and I love that. They also include an internal compression liner that stretches down the thighs. It’s not uber-compressive, but does an admirable job.

One thing for consideration is it’s weight. To me, it feels a little bulky to use when running any medium-long distance Don’t get me wrong, it can do it, but these are not a pair that are the easy-breezy lighweight option. I do, however, love these for cross-training and indoor cycling and they have found their spot in the rotation for these activities.

Lolë has many more items in their webstore, so check them out.


  • Terra Sports PantsHand pockets on the front
    • Zipped back and side pockets with lockdown zippers
    • Side zips on the bottom hems with lockdown zippers
    • Reflective logos
    • Made of recycled fibers
  • Terra Sports ShortsMedium compression liner
    • Hand pockets on the front
    • No-bounce zipped back pocket with lockdown zipper
    • No-bounce side phone pocket
    • Gusset for range of motion
    • Reflective logos
    • Made of recycled fibers

Thank you to Lolë for providing us with sample items. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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