Municipal apparel brings the Good Vibrations

When it comes to personalities, Mark Wahlberg and myself are about as opposite as they come. We wouldn’t likely be best friends in real life but that’s not to say I don’t respect the guy’s work ethic.

However, the idea behind his apparel company Municipal (you can see it in the trailer above) falls very much in line with the gear I like to wear. Here’s a little behind the scenes:

Mark and Lev noticed that no one was making the kind of clothing people actually need to go anywhere and do everything – gear that was both incredibly versatile and extremely comfortable for Mark and Lev’s own unique and diverse activities. Like you, they spend their days jumping from one thing to the next — from the gym to the basketball courts, meetings and wherever else their busy lives take them. Like most of us, they live out of their cars, backpacks and gym bags. Mark felt particularly strongly that workout gear had gotten so overtly technical there wasn’t much left that was wearable. Several brands, he noticed, could do a thing or two well. But no one company was committed to making the best, most comfortable and adaptable versions of the things we all wear every day. So Mark and Lev decided to create one.

I’d probably mention that there a variety of companies out there who do just such a thing as Municipal has set out to (some of which we have reviewed before), so I may have been a little cynical up front – but since receiving some of their Sport Utility Shorts and Enduro Stretch T-Shirt, I have basically found myself living in them for days on end. No joke.

The Sport Utility Short is a great crossover casual/workout short and, even thought it’s on the longer side, it makes for great running shorts as well. They aren’t the lightest offering, so you probably wouldn’t run a race in them – but they are a perfect option for low-medium miles, or in situations where you are cross training or moving from one activity into another.

But the real winner here is how blown away I was buy how soft the inside and how comfortable it is. I honestly don’t fully understand how they do it, but the double-layer construction inside feels amazing on the skin. It’s really quite amazing. To be honest, these almost feel as close to pajamas as they do to workout shorts. HIGHLY recommended and versatile.

The Enduro Stretch T-Shirt is also surprisingly comfortable. Most of the styles are not too flashy (though I sort of love that floral color on their website), but they are designed, like the shorts, to be a crossover piece that can work in lots of arenas – a run, at the gym, of even a casual option as well if that’s what you need. Though I do like a bit of flash, a simple color tee is what my closet mostly consists of and I love it’s versatility. I can absolutely see myself ordering more of these – for both my casual and running collections. The fit is not too tight and not too loose, and there is a really nice amount of stretch so that you don’t feel constricted. It’s really soft and has all those great qualities (anti-microbial, breathable, etc.) that are a must in premium tops.

If you are not a big Mark Wahlberg fan, his gear and Municipal may change your mind – I know it did mine!

Company: Municipal


Thank you Municipal for providing us with a sample pair. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews. 

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