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As the summers get hotter and the miles get longer, I’m finding myself getting braver than I used to be about wearing less clothes. It’s not that my body is getting better, because it’s certainly not in the post-COVID world. It’s that I care less and less as I get older about how I look and more and more about staying comfortable and cool. With heat advisories sweeping through Portland in the summer months, the Pro Hypervent Short Tights and the Core Charge Sport Top from Craft couldn’t come at a better time.

Craft is a company that prides itself on using eco-friendly materials and methods to manufacture their stellar products. They care about their footprint on the world and want to eliminate as much waste as possible.  For many consumers, this matters a lot.

The Pro Hypervent Short Tights are a snug fit with bodymapping and considerable stretch. They will keep you comfy and cool. They dry very quickly and have some moisture transport built in. I love that they are made of recycled polymide jersey, which equates to breathability, which is exactly what I need when I’m running hot. There is mesh detailing at the sides for ventiliation and a nice high waistband for those of us who have long torsos and don’t feel like showing off our bellies. There are two small back pockets hidden in the low back area of the shorts that are made out of mesh material.

Mostly, the thing I love about the Hypervent Short Tights is that they are long enough to cover my thighs and they don’t ride up. There are many ladies, myself included, who are part of the Chub Rub community, and we all know how important thigh coverage is when we want to stay cool but not scream in the shower afterwards. These shorts are the perfect length.


The Core Charge Sport Top is considered a low support item, and I would agree with this assessment. It’s not, after all, meant to be a stand-along bra but a crop top. It will keep you cool, which is really the point. The top is lined for coverage (so it’s not see through, yay!!)  with elastic at the bottom that should hit around the ribs, (of course depending on body type, shape, and length.)  It crisscrosses in the back, which not only looks really cute, but provides more support. There’s nothing worse than a bra or tank-style shirt that slides down your shoulders, and that will not be an issue with this. The Core Charge Top is made from functional recycled polyester and elastance jersey, and it’s very soft to the touch. It’s super comfortable to wear and the colors and design are really attractive as well. This is a great option for anyone looking to stay cool but also comfortable.



A word of advise on the sizing – Craft is a Swedish company, and they advise on their website that their clothes are “long and lean” in fit overall. It’s advised that if you are between sizes, you might consider sizing up to a larger size. I tend to shift between a medium and a large in bottoms and wear a medium in tops. I opted for a large in both the Hypervent Short Tights and the Core Charge Sport Top and the fit ended up being perfect.

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Our Mission: With passion for sports and a commitment to innovation, design and performance, we offer tools for sport achievements that inspire and enable athletic progress for world champions and everyday heroes.

What We Do: With a genuine heritage in the Swedish elements and endurance-specific sports, we develop high-quality performance sportswear. Tools with a Nordic attitude and a global reach.

How We Do It: We are runners, we are bikers, we are skiers, we are athletes. We are accessible, curious and eager to learn. As a result, we develop our products together with athletes across the world, always pushing for continuous progress.

Point of Difference: We make it possible for all people to enjoy sports achievements, improve their performance and break free from the daily routine, offering inspiration and products with the highest functionality. As well as access, both in mind and body, to the Nordic movement.

Thank you to CRAFT for providing us with samples. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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