Looking for quiet? Try running at Galen McBee Airport Park (McMinnville)

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I happen to come across this sweet spot thanks to Facebook. I had seen photos of a mushroom house and it caught my attention. I had to go there! Thankfully, after some easy research, I found this spot was only 30 minutes from my house! I’ve been there a number of times now.

Galen McBee Airport Park‘s construction was completed and opened back in 1977. The half mile soft dirt trail and one mile full loop is full of old sitting benches and drinking fountains that no longer have water running through them. Each are a piece of artwork. As you pull into this small park, you can safely park in the parking lot that has one port-a-potty available. If you take the trails to the right, there are a number of picnicking tables tucked in the woods, almost like their own camping spot, although this is a day use park only. After about a quarter mile you come to some well maintained steps leading down to a beautiful wooden bridge with a small creek running through. You will circle around in what feels like the deep deep woods to the other side (left trail from parking lot) to the mushroom house and another wooden bridge. Don’t let the deep woods feeling fool you, you are actually in airport area. Multiple trails lead out of the woods and you can stand out in the airport field and watch the plans.

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This is a soft dirt walking trail that would make for a fantastic mile loop run. It’s very shaded so I think it would be a perfect fit for a summer run. You would have a port-a-potty available every mile and this park isn’t heavy with people. Each time I have visited there has only been a small handful of people spread out.  I’ve never seen anyone make use of the picnicking tables yet, but I’m planning on it this month. Take note: when it’s raining, it’s muddy in spots. There is some small elevation gains and a few steps. Dogs are permitted on leash only.



  • 1 mile loop


  • Little ups and downs with a few stairs


  • Maintained dirt


Image may contain: tree, plant, outdoor and nature

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