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2020 Rugged Maniac Virtual Challenge – Mix It Up!

I haven’t been motivated to do any virtual races lately because it just felt too much like what I was already doing . . . going for a run by myself. But, I was intrigued by the obstacle course race (OCR) virtual events because it had some variety to it. I kept eyeing several, but that’s as far as it went. Then while eyeing the Rugged Maniac Virtual Challenge they won me over with the “premium 1/4 zip” running top. I mean, I have tons of race t-shirts, but no 1/4 zip race shirt! Yes, the swag suckered me in. And, you know what? I’m glad it did. It was just what I needed to mix things up!

After registering I received an email with the details of my challenge. I chose the Challenger, a 5K option, with 30 reps of each given exercise required throughout the run. There were 2 longer distances that included higher reps of the same exercises, but I decided to ease in to this. Race day is whenever you want it to be, so I chose Monday afternoon, as I had a short workday and it looked like the rain would mellow out by then. I wrote down the required exercises on a post-it, so I’d remember which ones to do and when and I “posted” it on my garage floor just in case it rained. I grabbed my exercise mat, since I wanted it for some exercises, and set it out. The challenge was to run 1000 meters (about 0.62 miles) then do a set of 30 of a designated exercise 5 times, with a different exercise each time.

Once I had warmed up, I headed down my driveway and began my first 0.62ish mile run. My plan was to run about 0.31 out and then back to my house to do each set of exercises. I wasn’t really sure where my turnaround would be, so I had to keep an eye on my Garmin for the first time out. Off I ran, periodically checking my Garmin. My turnaround was the crack in the curb just past where a red Geo was parked. (Please don’t move, red Geo, that might throw me off!) During my first set of exercises I decided I was overdressed and had to lose a layer before round 2. Then I was off down my driveway again, down the street and crossing at a 2 way stop (risky move – I was crossing my fingers that I wouldn’t have to stop for a car), around a corner and to my turnaround and back. I started wondering how many people were in their houses thinking, “Didn’t she just run by a few minutes ago?” It did feel weird to run a short distance and then turn around and come back, but it definitely made each run go by quickly. A couple people out walking their dogs gave me a strange look. I figured they must have seen me earlier. I just waved and said hi as I ran by.

Rugged Maniac Virtual

My 2020 Rugged Maniac Virtual Challenge Route

My two biggest concerns were that I would have to wait for a car on the street I had to cross with a 2 way stop or that someone seeing me running by – again – would want to engage in a conversation about what I was doing. I managed to avoid both scenarios allowing me to avoid a slow down or stop. Time went by quickly with the short runs and a different exercise to do each time I returned. I had estimated that this event would take me about 45 minutes based on my current running pace and the fact that I had to stop for exercises, some of which would gas me enough to slow down my pace a bit. As I made my way back on my last run, I saw that I was beating my predicted time nicely. Then I remembered that my last set of exercises was burpees. Yikes! That was going to add some time. When I finally finished those 30 burpees and hit the stop button on my Garmin, I was happy to see that I beat my projected time by 2:02.

After I caught my breath and cooled down, I logged my time and downloaded my finisher certificate. I was able to see my overall ranking so far (79/209), but that will continue to change as the challenge is still open. Want to try and beat my time? You can still register for the Rugged Maniac Virtual Challenge. I would encourage you to try it. It’s challenging, but not over the top difficult and the exercises are most likely things you have done before or maybe even do regularly. I enjoyed the challenge and the variety. In fact, I’ve been inspired to keep mixing it up with a variety of challenges – some of my own creation. But, more about those later . . . In the meantime, get registered for the Rugged Maniac Virtual Challenge. And, don’t forget to share your experience with Run Oregon!

Rugged Maniac Virtual Challenge Details

Swag Edition: $39

Swag (begins shipping mid-July):

  • 1/4 zip top
  • Finisher Medal
  • Sticker
  • Race Bib

Free Edition: $0 – get the challenge minus the swag

Registration: Click Here


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