Want to turn your dog into a runner? Here’s how!

Someone sent me a link recently, a Guide to Working Out With Your Dog. See, we got a dog in August, and he’s awfully cute but he needs to get his exercise or he’s quite the little stinker. He just turned a year, but he’s not quite old enough to do more than a few miles at a really easy pace (with regular breaks). And because he’s so young, reinforcing his puppy training is still really important.

Whether you want to bring pupper on your runs or prevent their FOMO while you’re doing yoga or strength exercises, has some suggestions. While the instructions might seem a little cheesy (the workouts suggested include cues on when to pet your doggo), they’re actually some clever ways to make your dog feel the love when you’re trying to plank.

If you try any of these out, be sure that your dog’s behavior matches the tone of the activity. For example, there’s a suggestion to work on “heel” while doing walking lunges. This would be great if your floof is pretty solid on heeling, but if they’re still a little jumpy or a really strong leash-puller, this could put you off-balance and make you fall or cause a muscle tweak.

All your dog wants is to be with you, and incorporating behavioral training in with fitness will be good for both of you. And just because he’s cute, here’s my new pupper, Sammy, getting some tummy rubs at bedtime from my 4-year-old.Sammy


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