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I’m a recent BROOKS shoes convert. I used to try them every few years, but they always felt too heavy on my feet. Then I got to test the Glycerin 17 and all was right in the BROOKS shoe world with my feet. The new BROOKS Hyperion Tempos are considered to be a shoe that’s BOTH cushy AND light. How is that possible? Don’t those two properties of a shoe contradict? Turns out, not so much.

These shoes will be launching to a store near you on 2/27, timed perfectly and fittingly to coincide with the US Olympic Marathon Trials. They look slick. I’ve gotten compliments on them every single time I’ve worn them so far. Secondly, if there was any doubt in my mind about them being heavy like the Brooks of past, it dissipated the second I put these on my feet. They immediately felt as light as a feather and molded in all the right places. And lastly, the woven upper wasn’t just for show.. they breath and stretch so well!

When it was time to put my feet to the pavement, I knew they would be a comfortable ride. There was significant cushion and bounce without feeling like I had mattresses attached to my feet. They were great for that first short tempo run and I didn’t feel like I needed to take them off as soon as I got home.

For my second run, I felt a bit of a rub on the outside of one foot below my pinkie toe, about where one might develop a Tailor’s Bunion. I wondered if this would be a problem if I were to ever go for a double digit mileage run in them, as my wide toebed can cause problems with certain shoes. The Hyperion Tempos aren’t narrow shoes by any means, and I absolutely know the difference after all these years of running, but it was worth noting, as I know I’m not the only runner out there with this issue. However, after adjusting my shoelaces a bit, this issue went away completely. In fact, the next time I ran in the shoes, an 8 mile run, I not only didn’t feel any discomfort, but I had one of the best runs I’ve had in a year. And after I was done with that phenomenal run, I walked around for a good portion of the day in them without a single ache or twinge.


Unfortunately, I’ve already gotten my new shoes dirty. Trails in February do that.

So what’s special about the Hyperion Tempo? The FLASH midsole infuses the adaptive DNA material with nitrogen, which is responsible for that featherlight feel, superior cushion, and the energy return that made me feel like the next Shalane on that 8 miler. Despite the fact that these mid speed shoes are light, springy, and stretchable, they feel stable on my feet while still following my natural stride. They are certainly not a part of the more minimalist style you see with other brands that have a lightweight woven or mesh material covering them. According to the spec sheet on these shoes: “For runners looking to get the most out of their workouts, the Hyperion Tempo is a light and responsive trainer that reduces deviation, allowing you to run and recover faster.” I couldn’t say any better myself and now I don’t have to.

So when June rolls around, I highly recommend you try the BROOKS Hyperion Tempo running shoes. That will be about the time I need my second pair if I keep running like I have been.


Products & Price:

  • BROOKS Hyperion Tempo ($150) – Available 2/27/20.

Specs (from website):

  • Midsole Drop: 8mm
  • Weight: 6.7 oz (Women) 7.3 oz (Men)
  • Speed: Neutral Foot

More about BROOKS:

We live by the following:

  1. Running is a gift. Run happy. Every day with a run is better. Every run brings you closer to your best self. And you end every run in a better place than you started.
  2. We do one thing: build great running gear. When you focus on what you do best, you do it better. Our goal is to make each run better than the last. This guides every engineering choice we make.
  3. We’re obsessed with the body in motion. We engineer our gear in the lab, but we bring it to life on the unique, real-world humans who will wear it. This is the result of tireless biomechanical research with runners of every size, strength and experience. But most of all, it’s the result of listening.
  4. We sweat every detail. Our process is simple: create solutions for runners, test them over miles, assess feedback and repeat. Every groove in the soles of your shoes, every inch of fabric in your gear and every single stitch has a reason to exist. If it doesn’t improve your run, you won’t see it in our gear.
  5. The planet is our home. More than 100 million people run outside, so it’s critical we care for the world we share. That means working to minimize our environmental impact, creating positive social impact, and being transparent about areas where we can do better. All the while, we give back and lift causes that get people moving.
  6. We’re runners, too. This is as much for us as it is for you. Our offices have locker rooms. We run at lunch. In between meetings. Pretty much anytime we can. Put simply, we make the best running gear on the planet because we want to go running in it.


Thank you to BROOKS for providing us with a sample pack. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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