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I recently started a new part-time position at a chiropractic office as a stretch therapist. What that means, quite simply, is that I stretch people. I ask every one of my clients if they ever stretch at home, and 85% of them say they don’t. If they did, there are so many aches, pains, and injuries that they could avoid.

Bodypeace is an app that can help people like my clients. It’s not “just another exercise app,” nor is it a yoga app, which is the most common misconception among people who hear about it. Bodypeace is meant to be complimentary to your current exercise regimen rather than a replacement.

Lizzie DeLacy, the founder of Bodypeace, has a holistic approach to health. A former yoga teacher, she started DeLacy Wellness in 2016 to provide services such as meal prepping, private yoga instruction, and health coaching. Eventually, she developed Bodypeace, a community based app that provides instruction on functional movements, healthy recipes, and other helpful information about healthy living.

After I installed the Bodypeace app I found it very simple to navigate. There are a couple of categories: Community and Sessions.  There is also a “Movement” button, where you can find illustrations and descriptions of all sorts of poses such as Childs Pose, Dancer, Bow, Double Pigeon, Camel, Cows face, Happy Baby, Lunge, Plow, Seated Hop Opener, Superman, Tricep Pushup, and Warrior 2. There’s also a download option if you want to save something for a later time when you don’t have WiFi access.

There are many topics listed in the community area of Bodypeace. Some of them include: Breaking a Fitness Rut, Post Workout Mistakes, Why You Need to Wash Your Face, Why You Should Be Incorporating Seeds Into Your Diet, 3 Tips That Make Eating Healthy Easy, Time Management Tip, Knowing Your Value, Jaw Tension Release, Avoiding Dizziness, Learning To Let Go, We’re Over Salads, Try This Instead!,  How to (Properly) Read Nutrition Labels, How To Live Intentionally, and Stretches for Tight Hips (Part 1 and 2)

As for the sessions, there are many very instructive videos here on a variety of topics. Each video preview will tell you the length of time for the session, the fitness level (light, moderate, or intense,) what the session is good for, and what props you’ll need. Most of the sessions I viewed didn’t require any props, but some recommend yoga blocks or a strap. Some of the many sessions available are: Bedtime Session, Golf Strengthening Session, Beginner’s Top to Bottom, Desk Stretch session, Beginner’s  Balance Session, Your Post-Flight Stretch, Wake Up Your Core, Beginner’s Strength Session, Full Body Activation, Low Back Stretch, Massage for Neck, Fifty Fifty Workout, and His and Hammies Workout.

As you can imagine, there is a lot of info available on the Bodypeace app, and it would take me a novel-length review to speak on everything. Below you will find out about a few of the sessions that would be most helpful to runners. Each session listed below is 10 minutes or less and they contain stretches for the muscles responsible for flexibility and joint mobility for runners.

Running and Cycling Stretch: Fitness Level: Light, Props: Blocks (7 min)

There are some great stretches in this session to help open your hips and hamstrings, which tend to be fairly tight on runners and cyclists. The major muscle groups are targeted. The exercises are fairly simple to do and don’t take too long. Blocks are recommended for some of the exercises here because very few people are flexible enough to do some of the floor exercises without them. These stretches are recommended for a warm up or cool down after a long run or ride.

Calf and Arch Work: Fitness Level: Light, Props: none (4 min)

Calves and arches can be difficult to stretch, and this session uses Self Myofascial Release (SMR) to help open them up and relieve pain. You can use your own body to help stretch and lengthen muscles, and this is a great lesson in how to help arch strength and support.

Calf and Hamstring Work: Fitness Level: Light, Props: none (10 min)

This session is good for both people who run or sit at desks all day, as the calves and hamstrings will get a nice deep stretch. You can release hamstring tightness with these yoga-inspired movements and calisthenic stretches. There is a lot of useful knowledge here, like that our lower back and hamstrings are interconnected and stretching one should aid the other. There is also some helpful cueing on how to do these moves with the proper form to ensure you get the most benefit.

Flexibility for the Hips: Fitness Level: Light, Props: none (10 min)

Hip strength and mobility in the hip socket is the focus here, and many of these deep stretches really help runners prevent tightness or injury in the hip joint. The hips are very a commonly tight area for runners, and any exercises that help increase flexibility here are clearly helpful. Most of the stretches shown here are somewhat familiar yoga moves, but they are all great stretches for runners.

The Bodypeace app can be downloaded from the website or the play store on your phone. Check it out on Facebook as well. An annual membership is $119.99, a quarterly membership is $53.99, and the monthly membership is $17.99. Give it a try and your body will love you for it. And isn’t your body worth it?

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I'm the owner of Healthy Girl Fitness and I'm a personal trainer, certified AFAA group exercise instructor, and an RRCA certified running coach in SW Portland. I am also the mother of two young boys and am on the board at my youngest son's school. I led a relatively inactive life throughout my 20's until I discovered the world of fitness and running. I ran my first marathon in 2006 and haven't looked back since.

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