Run Oregon is Kickin’ it in the Brooks Divide


When I completed my first 50K I had a few thoughts. First was a variety of cuss words not appropriate to share on Run Oregon. Second was a desperate desire to sit down for a very long time. And third was some disappointment at finishing just after the cut-off (the race directors were kind and it was not a DNF, but still).

Once my legs stopped hurting and my stomach stopped growling, it was the third thought that stayed with me and prompted the decision to try 50K again. And in fact, I wanted to try the exact same event as a redemptive experience.

All of that background leads me to 2020. New year. New training plan. And new trail shoes.

My trail runs on Powell Butte over the past month have all been using my new Brooks Divide. They are heavier than my previous experience with trail shoes, which also means they feel very sturdy and supportive going over small rocks and branches. One of the runs was in a downpour and my socks were dry long after my rain jacket had completely soaked through. The runs have each been about six miles; every time my feet were still comfortable at the end.

This pair of shoes is gray, black, and cornflower blue, meaning they are actually quite lovely (after the mud is washed off). It’s nice to have trail shoes that I can look at without imagining a highlighter explosion or how the bright colors might be damaging my eyes. Trail shoes can be pretty! They have covered edges on the front that help with the confidence in running through brush and debris; I was not worried about ending up with twigs sticking between my toes. I know that the quality and structure of a running shoe is much more important than the visual…and I appreciate when I don’t look at my shoes and feel “ugh.”

Brooks has just launched Divide this winter and I anticipate it will be a popular option for runners like me, venturing in the woods for a new adventure (and hoping that it will take less than 9 hours this time).

Brooks Divide

Support: Neutral
Midsole Drop: 8mm
Weight: 9.2 oz/260.8 g
Arch: Medium, High
Experience Type: Cushion
Technology: BioMoGaDNA (environmentally-friendly midsole foam)
Cost: $100

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