Getting lost (and found) with the Tile Slim – a scatterbrained runner’s best friends


Tile recently sent us one of their newest products – the Slim. It provides a simple task – letting you know where you left your stuff – but there is some really cool technology to it.

I don’t know exactly what it is, but a combo of a real job, blog “job”, and three kids to look after potentially makes my brain focus on important things and less so on remembering where I put my keys and wallet, where I left my running bag, or where I parked my car at a race. When I was in Sacramento last Fall, I dropped my wallet during an e-bike trip between two breweries. It was dusk already and I was not in the best part of town. I retraced my trek in a panic and was absolutely terrified with being faced with the dilemma of how to get on board a plane the next day without ID. It was one of the more stressful hours of my life, until I miraculously found it hidden in the gutter on the side of the road. If I had the Tile Slim in my wallet (as I do now), I would have known exactly where it was by pulling up the app on my phone, and even utilized a noise feature to call out to me as I got closer. What was a heart wrenching 60+ minutes could have been remedied in mere minutes if I had a Tile.

While keys and wallets are probably the most common things to lose, I also often forget where my gym bag is, as well as where I parked after races (I’m starting to sound like a senile old man, I’m realizing). Just simply leaving a Tile in the glove compartment box allows the app to pinpoint exactly where I left it. Also, in the event that I misplace my phone, I can click on the Tiles I have available to me and force my phone to emit a sound, even if it’s on silent. Needless to say, I now how have all my bases covered.

Connectivity between the Tiles and the app is an absolute cinch. Simply go into the app, click on the “+” sign and follow the directions. A little pressing on the Tile easily syncs things up and you are on your way. Due to it’s construction, the Slim needs to be replaced when power is used up, but it is usually around 3 years, so that shouldn’t be much of an issue. It is the suze of about 2 credit cards and thus can easily be placed in a wallet or even into a small side pocket on a gym bag.

It has a 200 foot range and can also be tasked with both Siri and Alexa commands if you wish. They have also gone through stress tests and should be willing to hold up to most of the wear that you can throw at it. Basically, dropping your keys on the ground, or sitting on it is not going to be an issue for these. It’s even waterproof.

After I find something I have misplaced, I often think about the amount of time spent looking for my things or remembering where I parked. The relatively inexpensive price tag for Tile’s time-saving qualities and peace of mind will be an absolute bargain. And if you are like me and need multiple things accounted for, you can save even more with their bundles.

I don’t yet have Tile Premium, but the features seem quite nice for less than $3/month. You can be notified when you leave your tile behind, have a 30-day history of where you were so you can better determine where you misplaced something, as well as an extended 3-year warranty and free replacement batteries each year.

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