I ain’t trippin’ – the Day Tripper Duffle Bag is pretty awesome


It’s been a few years since I have updated my gym bag game. This hasn’t historically been an issue, as I generally just used my old one to get my running clothes too and from work each day. With my recent foray into adding weightlifting to my daily schedule, it has been getting a little more wear and tear (and stink) on it than it has before. So recently I have been drying out the Day Tripper Duffle Bag a classy and functional option from Diamond Brand Gear.

I feel this is almost a throwback design with minimal craziness. It’s simply a really well-constructed bag with high quality materials and a classy look. And honestly, that’s fine with me.

I like technology and options as much as the next guy, but sometimes the simplest items are best. I mean, there are some great bags and packs out there with a crazy ridiculous amount of technology in them (i.e. RFID blocking), but much of that seems absolutely unnecessary (i.e. also RFID blocking). The Day Tripper uses a waxed cotton canvas with an interior coated nylon oxford, making it water-resistant and easy to clean – both important in running and gym bags. There is also a foam bottom (so it won’t get all flimsy and fold up on itself), as well as some small feet on the bottom so it will be protected when placing on the floor. Sometimes just quality is the best “technology” out there.

UntitledThe inside is absolutely spacious and I feel like I could store a week’s worth of running and workout clothes in there and still have room to spare. There is one large zipped pocket on the inside and two pockets on either end (one zipped and one snapped) on the outside for smaller packing items such as keys and wallets. Like the picture above shows, I have really liked the snapped pocket for tossing my water bottle in.

The small loops on the ends are super sturdy, allowing it to be hung vertically in lockers with ease or lugged down an airport aisle without it being around your shoulder and smacking passengers in the face. The carrying handles and shoulder straps are are also both detachable – which I absolutely love. I go the shoulder route the majority of the time, so it’s nice that I don’t have to deal with the unused carrying handles getting in the way all the time.

While I am really loving this bag, the main drawback I could see is that there is no separate outer pocket for shoes – they just have to go in the main area. However, whether they mean it to or not, that inside pocket is spacious enough to store a pair of shoes and some dirty clothes. Not having an external pocket for this isn’t a deal breaker to me (and would sort of make this classic design look weird), but just wanted to give a heads up in case this is something you need.

The Day Tripper Duffle Bags come in 3 different sizes and 6 color options – meaning you can go even more classic with a muted (i.e. black or navy) color scheme if you should choose. I’ve gotten a few comments and questions about this already, so clearly the style is on point. I’m a big fan of this!

Company: Diamond Brand (Facebook)


  • Day Tripper Duffle Bag ($159-$229)
    • Colors
      • Charcoal
      • Charcoal/Black
      • Orange/Navy (pictured)
      • Wheat/Navy
      • Wheat
      • Navy
      • Navy/Leaf
      • Wheat/Leaf
      • Charcoal/Red
    • Sizes
      • Small
        • 16″L x 10.25″W x 9″H.
        • Weighs 1.7lbs
      • Medium
        • 20″L x 12.25″W x 11.5″H.
        • Weighs 2.5lbs
      • Large
        • 24.5″L x 13.5″W x 13″H.
        • Weighs 3lbs


More about Diamond Brand:

With a history of reliability and innovation, we first supplied our military dating back to WWI and WWII. In 1931, we manufactured the very first backpack for the Boy Scouts. In the 1970s, we designed the popular lightweight camping tent, the Free Spirit. Innovation continues today with the introduction of Craft Gear.

Thank you to Diamond Brand for providing us with a sample item. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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