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Run Oregon Test Kitchen: Roli Roti Bone Broth

Roli Roti was founded by Thomas Odermatt, a third-generation master butcher from Switzerland. in 2000, Odermatt moved to the United States and soon after started his own food truck. In 2015 he created his organic Butcher’s Bone Broth which became his first retail product.

Recently Run Oregon was given samples of Roli Roti’s Butcher’s Bone Broth to try. Below is a few of our reviews and impressions.

Abby: I know that bone broth is all the rage and I love soups,so I was excited to give Roli Roti a try. Full disclosure: I’ve only tried one other bone broth before. I typically cook with “regular” beef or chicken stock so I didn’t have a lot to compare this product to. Don’t know what the difference between stock and bone broth is? Don’t feel bad, I really didn’t either. From my research, here’s what I found: stock is typically made from bones and vegetables and broth is made from bones, vegetables, and meat. The difference is that bone broth has a much higher in protein and is thicker due to the higher collagen content. Both bone broth and stock have been around forever, so why is it becoming more popular now? Well, for one, our world is much more conscientious of the kinds of foods we put into our bodies. Whole, nutrient-dense foods are important in maintaining optimal health and nutrition for our everyday lives and sports. Bone broth is full of vitamins, minerals, collagen (supports healthy bones, joints and skin) potassium and phosphorous. You can drink it warm by itself or use it in soups, stews and other dishes at home. While it takes a long time to make (think 15-20 hours on average) the convenience of being able to buy it ready-made at the store is a huge bonus.

Nutrition label for the chicken broth

I was given the chicken, beef and turkey flavors to try and I tried them in that order. I loved the chicken one the best, followed by the beef and then turkey. I gave them a try in different ways; I tried all three flavors warm in a mug by itself. However, the chicken flavor was the most palatable on it’s own (it did need a little salt though). I used the beef flavor in chili I made and the turkey broth in a practice run of cornbread stuffing for thanksgiving. All three are really good, just some were better used in cooking then alone, in my opinion.

Mindy: I am a huge fan of bone broth, especially when the weather starts changing and the chill of winter is in the air. I tried the chicken, beef, and turkey bone broth. Roli Roli Buther’s Broth is a brand I have tried before (although only the beef bone broth). I was very excited to try the other flavors. This brand is very high in nutrients and very tasty, not to mention very easy to cook with. Typically, I just add some of the broth to the crockpot, along with some fresh veggies and some sort of protein. Add some rice and your dinner is made! It’s so easy to make a nutrient rich (and quick) meal, with quality ingredients, especially those found in the Roli Roli Buther’s Broth product line. One of my all time favorite things to cook using bone broth is stuffing (using the turkey bone broth). This is the dish I am making for Thanksgiving. For chicken, I made chicken soup, and the beef bone broth was used to help me get over this nasty cold! I just heated the bone broth up and sipped it at night, out of my favorite running race mug.

No photo description available.

Since I am already a purchaser of the beef flavor, I will be adding chicken and turkey to our stock the next time I grocery shop.

Julie: I was given both the chicken and beef broth to try. I cook with bone broth all the time as it’s high in nutrients, protein and favor but this was the first time I tried Roli Roli Buther’s Broth. I used both my chicken and beef broth to make a basic chili and a potato stew. The flavor or the Roli Roli Buther’s bone broth set my stews up with amazing flavor that my whole family loved. This isn’t always the case. I was impressed with how great this broth is. I’m including my potato recipe for all to enjoy this Fall and Winter season.

This is definitely a product I would purchase myself if I see it when I’m shopping. The flavor was excellent and it is a product I cook with on a regular basis.



In a large pan, melt butter on low. Add onions and heat up to med/low for about ten minutes. Add broth, celery, carrots, potatoes, spices and bring to a boil. Once boiling, turn down to low until potatoes are soft. Add 8 oz of cream and a cup of shedded cheese just before serving.



Thank you to Roli Roti for providing us with samples. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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