Kickstarter of the Week Revisited: A review of REXY Socks


A few weeks ago, we highlighted a Kickstarter campaign for REXY socks, a unique pair of socks that could seemingly really benefit a runner. Here is a description about their performance socks via their campaign:

With over 5 years of research and development plus decades in the textile industry, our company is capable of stretching fabrics to their limits. By pushing the boundaries of these fabrics and what socks could do, we’ve paved the way for the future of athletics while safeguarding the health of your joints, knees, and feet.

REXY socks not only look good and feel great, but they also keep you stable during high-intensity activities.  Our patent-pending arch-pad design is built to arch your foot ergonomically, amplifying the resistance your body naturally provides with every impact. This pad provides superior shock absorption, ensuring every step feels secure. From your most rigorous workouts to slow and methodical stretching, REXY socks will keep your feet healthy, moving, and invigorated.

We know how annoying it can be when your feet slip during exercise. With our patent-pending non-slip technology, we have designed our socks to work and feel like a second skin, in addition to providing the ability to help you stabilize every step, leap, and landing.

Be health-conscious at every stage in life. Regardless of age, our compression socks increase healthy blood circulation throughout your body, preventing unnecessary stress near your feet. Experience less fatigue, speed up recovery and reduce soreness by using our compression technology.

Our fabric is designed to whisk away perspiration while sporting an odor-resistant finish. Your feet will stay dry, clean, and comfortable during heavy activity

Since that time, the funds were met in the Kickstarter and REXY is off and running in fulfilling their orders. We were lucky enough to grab a couple pairs to try out and have already put them through some tests.

As someone who has arch challenges, I am usually on the lookout for support. For the most part, I can’t walk around barefoot or in even in socks without being uncomfortable. When I’m at home, I have to walk around in slippers cause my feet hurt too bad on the hardwood floor. REXY’s socks come with a patent-pending arch-pad design that feels sort of rubbery with a hexagonal design. It looks a tad odd but was more than willing to give it a try. While it felt soft and a little squishy, I was pleasantly surprised when pulling them on that they weren’t the least bit distracting. Even just a few steps in them showcased that the support is real. For the first time in a very long time, I was able to walk around in socks only.


In addition to the pad, there are a few other features. On the toes and the heels are slip-resistance (perfect for walking on hard floors or even when doing yoga) and the mid-high socks have some compression and cushioning on the achilles. On the top of the sock is an “Air-Wave” knitted pattern that allows for specialized airflow and breathability due to it’s mesh underlayer. It’s also coated with Aqua-X for moisture-wicking properties. I have put each of the pairs to the test on the streets, as well as around the house, and have really been impressed with how they have held up and feel overall. Call me pleasantly surprised.

REXY makes some claims that “our compression socks increase healthy blood circulation throughout your body, preventing unnecessary stress near your feet. Experience less fatigue, speed up recovery and reduce soreness by using our compression technology.” It will take time (and perhaps more science than I have available at my house) to know if this is true, but I can say that these have absolutely made my feet more comfortable, both during runs and in casual wear as well. And what runner doesn’t care about having the happiest feet they can?!



  • Ankle Height & Mid Height
  • White/Grey/Black

Kickstarter was funded and will start shipping samples in the next few months. Stay tuned to their Facebook page to be notified when you can buy independently of crowdfunding.

Thank you to REXY for providing us with samples. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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