The new Mexico Collection graphic series from Janji (featuring the beautiful Rover Hoodie)

We have been reviewing Janji items for a while now and they continue to impress us with their style and functionality. On top of that, we also love their take on the running world – that it’s a universal connector of people and that their apparel should strive to express that. This past year, they launched of their Cambodia collection and are now embarking on their Mexico collection, which “pay[s] homage to the vibrancy of Mexico City and Oaxaca City and the highly interconnected relationship they form with their epic natural surroundings”. We recently checked out their new TT Rover Hoodie from that collection – and it’s awesome. 

If you don’t know about these collections, here is a descriptor from a previous post of ours:

Their items are globally-inspired from the places all over the world and they feature a new locale each year. They use that location for inspiration, do a ton of research on the area and the running scene and team up with local artists from those countries to design their items. They then partner with a local water NPO, test their items in the country, and finish all the final details up to launch. And then on the back end, 5% of their collection profits are given to the local water NPO to assist those countries. I mean, how awesome is that?!

Compared to the Cambodia array, it seems the this season’s designs are simpler in look and more muted in color – outside of a couple of items. As someone who likes a little pizazz every once in a while, the Rover Hoodie in Cobblestone called out to me.

First things first – the look is awesome. It takes a simple-ish concept – hybrid half-zip/tech hoodie – and adds a splash of floral on the shoulder, back, hood, and on half of the chest. It’s just got a bit of flair on an otherwise simple brown top. The picture makes it look lighter than it actually is – I would describe it more as a tan. Nevertheless, it’s still a good looking color.

I tried a size up – an XL instead of my typical L – and am happy I made this decision. When I am wearing hoodies, for the most part I want a bit of layering and room to move around – even when running or working out. The body itself is made from ReFlex Stretch lining that is designed to provide breathable, moisture-wicking performance while maintaining wind-blocking warmth. I have found it surprising how warm this has kept me – its definitely the warmest hoodie I own. The XL fit the bill and I would definitely anticipate the L being much more form fitting. The larger size also was ideal for my longer arms and incorporates a thumb slit that is hardly noticeable when not being used.

The real beauty comes in the visual details, yet there is more than meets the eye. The floral panels are woven and soft and have a DWR finish to keep rain from ruining a good day. The half zip is unique, as it pulls diagonally instead of the standard up and down, but still provides nice functionality with the ability to zip up just under the nose when the temperatures dictate, and easily zipped down to vent when it gets too warm. The hood itself fits snugly and has that “scuba” design to allow for the neck to be covered than standard hoodies and have solid visibility at the same time. The last thing you want is to run with a hood on and you have a small 90 degree visual window. That’s not safe nor comfortable. Speaking of safety, there are some light reflective parts on the back for a little more visibility.

Overall, Janji has nailed it with their new Mexico collection. The Rover Hoodie is fun, functional, and (at the very least) an eye-popping conversation piece. The price and quality are definitely there and I am happy to add these to my rotation. You can feel good knowing that 5% of the proceeds from your purchase go back to their selected nonprofit organization to fund clean water projects and they collaborate with local artists in the collection designs.

Company: Janji


  • TT Rover Hoodie ($112)
    • Cobblestone
    • Sycamore (Green)
    • Midnight (Navy)
      • Transit Tech (TT) soft-shell shoulder panels: 88% Polyester, 12% spandex
      • ReFlex Stretch Knit body: 77% recycled polyester, 23% Lycra
      • Weight: 12.4oz (M’s size M)

Thank you to Janji for providing us with samples to test. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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