What Run Oregon is Wearing: Naked Headband

We’re not new to running Naked…er, running with Naked, that is. We reviewed their running band last year (brush up on those posts here and here) and had a chance to try out their headband recently as well.

You’re probably wondering why, now that the cold running months are behind us, we’re talking about headbands? And indeed, it’s a basic headband at first glance, with the ‘Naked’ brand printed across the front of the grey, hexagonal-patterened fabric, making it a great unisex piece of gear, but it has some not-so-obvious features that are intriguing going into the summer months of running.

It’s made with patented Schoeller Coldblack material, and is used for its effectiveness in cooling. We were all taught that dark colors absorb more heat in direct sunlight, so with the lighter fabric and improved fabric technology, a noticeable difference in heat management is the result. To help with cooling even further, it includes an internal pocket in the back, which rests at the nape of the neck, for adding ice or cooling pads. Anyone signed up for a heat-of-the-summer Oregon relay, buy one (or twelve) of these now!

It was also designed with a wide width for extra coverage and with flat-lock stitching to prevent chafing.

From the guy’s perspective (Drew), I wasn’t sure about the idea of wearing a head band, since it seemed to be a more feminine thing to do. Oh was I wrong. And while the winter months are behind us, chilly mornings are still here for another month (at least in Central Oregon). What attracted me to the Naked head band was the “ice garage” feature that Bobi Jo mentions above.

Recently, I headed out for a run in the hills. The temp to start was 32, with a forecast high of 70 for the day. I wanted to test the head band for its warmth, comfort, wearability, ear protection and functionality of the ice garage. I had loaded up a soft bottle with ice and very little water. At the beginning of the run, the head band was ideal, providing protection for my ears in the cold. As I heated up and started climbing, I shed my jacket and gloves but left the band on. 12 miles in, I loaded the little pocket with a single piece of ice. The slow release of cold water down the back of my neck was amazing, as if someone was hovering over me while I ran, dribbling the cold water down my back.

By the time I finished, the temp was 54 and I didn’t remove the head band until I was done. Not only did it breathe very well, but it is super comfortable. I plan to keep this with my regular gear from now on.

Company: Naked Sports Innovations (Facebook | Instagram)

Products & Price:

  • Headband ($24.99)
    • One color
    • One size fits all

More about Naked from their website:

The co-founders – two brothers – one a mountain runner and the other a triathlete, searched without success for a product that had the capacity, flexibility, comfort and performance they needed to carry the hydration and accessories they needed for their training and racing; having tried everything else out there without luck, they realized they had to do it themselves.

Lindsay, an accomplished athlete and brilliant designer created the Naked® running band and, together with Rick, a stubborn age group Ironman and veteran entrepreneur, said let’s do this!

Thank you to Naked Sports Innovations for providing us with samples. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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Bobi Jo has lived all over the midwest but moved to Portland in 2007 and now calls it home. She started casually running in 2012 and trained up for the "Run Like A Mother" 5k as her first proper event. She got a taste of the runner's high and is now a veteran ultrarunner. While running is her favorite sport, she is a "Jill of all trades, master of none" - her other hobbies include rock climbing, hiking, skiing, mountain biking, snowshoeing, and traveling the world. On her elusive rest days, she is an avid bookworm and a Green Bay Packers fan.