What Run Oregon is Wearing: Socks by Strideline – “The Most Comfortable Socks on Earth”

Is there anything better than putting on a new pair of socks? I don’t know what it is, but personally I think it’s one of the best feelings out there. But seriously ask yourself, how old and ratty are the socks in your dresser right now. Be honest…

We received a few pairs from Strideline, and while these aren’t billed as your “classic” running socks, they do offer some really fantastic qualities that runners will enjoy.

Their new yarn-blend is a combination of soft combed cotton and micro-filament yarns. They state this marriage makes them uber comfortable (I’d agree) and also stronger than standard yarns. Additionally, these so-called “memory yarns”, which are designed for foot-specific usage (similar to most running socks), adapt to your foot over time. Lastly, the taller versions should stay up on your ankles and calves without slipping or bunching up – stuff that can derail any PR run. They provide a really solid cushion thanks to the compression padding system in the arches. There is no toe seam that could become an irritant and there are small air vents on the top of the foot to keep things fresh.

Ever since I can remember, I preferred wearing higher socks. Back in the 90’s and ’00’s they were pretty standard (and not really all that fashionable). There was just something about the snugness past my ankles that I liked. I have found a few higher sock options I have enjoyed, and Strideline’s Mid Socks are pretty dang awesome. They look like they would belong on a basketball court, but they are great for running as well. I have run numerous times in these and they don’t even budge – a testament to their no-slip grippy yarn. These seem like they will hold up for a long while as well. I have also experienced no issues with the ankle socks falling into my shoes on any wear.

As far as looks go – I mean, they are socks. But I will say that the grey coloring is really unique and my favorite of the bunch. Who ever thought that my sock drawer would be spiced up with the color grey?! Additionally, if you are looking to spice things up a little more dramatically, they have Fan Wear (including the Oregon Ducks) and a flashier Lifestyle Collection as well.

And price-wise, these are absolutely right in line with all of the specialty running (or even cheaper!). And they get even less expensive if you bundle and buy multiple pairs.

This review is your reminder to toss those old socks and treat your feet to some new comfort. Definitely recommended!

Company: Strideline (Facebook)

First we were young friends starting from birth six hours apart in the same hospital. Then we became hopeful entrepreneurs. As 18 year olds in high school we set out to build The Most Comfortable Sock on Earth. Yeah we know, not exactly your typical high school dream.

And yet, after ten years, 14 major design iterations, 5 Million+ pairs sold, and a whole lot of sock science, we think we’ve done it. The Most Comfortable Sock on Earth. Every day we hear from new owners of Strideline socks that they agree. Join us and feel the comfort.

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Thank you to Strideline for providing us with sock samples. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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