Run Oregon is kickin’ it in Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19

For you Adrenaline wearers out there who are starting to realize there aren’t many miles left in your current shoes, here’s a review of the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19.

The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19 – women’s

The biggest change in this version of my go-to shoe is the addition of Guiderails, which give more support. They’ve also made upgrades to the midsole foam, giving the shoe a longer life. The Adrenalines are still a really good support shoe with ample cushion: nothing has changed there. Finally, after the less-structured look of the 18’s uppers, the 19 has a little more pizazz with the design, but sticks to the seamless material for the outside and toebox. This is key, as the upper is breatheable without hot spots from stitching.

I am a size 8 in street shoes and always get an 8.5 in running shoes, but the Adrenaline 19 seems to run a little long. If you’re an Adrenaline wearer, it may be worth it to you to try both your current size and a half-size down when trying out the 19. They are slightly longer than the size 8.5 in the Adrenaline 18–but again, everyone’s fit is personal so you need to try it on for yourself.

As for the width, the Adrenaline 19 may be slightly more narrow, but I did not notice any issues. I like my shoes very loose to accomodate swelling as the miles add up, so I keep my running shoes laced very loosely. I haven’t had any rubbing or pinching with the Adrenaline 19, even on long runs or those days where I wear them to run and then for errands, when they’re on my feet for 10+ hours.

One thing I like about the Brooks Adrenaline that remains true with the 19 is that the vertical height inside the toe box remains spacious. As someone who’s had ingrown toenails (thanks, pregnancy), this is an important feature. Having more space between the top of the shoe and your toes reduces pressure that can cause black toenails, especially when you hammer down hills.

The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19 comes in Narrow, Regular, Wide, and Extra Wide, and a variety of colors including black and mainly white, for those of you that wear these shoes for work. I personally like their new “abstract” line which have a camoflauge-inspired design and cool accent colors. Check out the women’s colors here, and take a look at the men’s colors here.

The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19 – men’s

If you’ve suffered from knee pain or gotten other signals that your current shoes aren’t working for you, you defnitely should head to a local running specialty store and have them watch you run. I personally switched to Adrenalines more than 10 years ago after doing this, and wearing a support shoe helped me get over runner’s knee. I’m not saying the Adrenaline is definitely the shoe for you, but if you’ve been feeling aches and pains, make sure you’re in the right shoe … and for me, this was the Adrenaline. As with all our shoe reviews, we’re hoping to get you the information you need to select what works for you!

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