Run Oregon is Kickin’ it in the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19

I am a bit tardy in writing this review of the new Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19 shoe (so tardy, in fact, that fellow Run Oregon blogger Julie Mullins published her review a few months ago). One reason for my tardiness, however, is I’ve really grown to love the previous pair of Brooks shoes that I got to test, namely, the Levitate.

To start with, one thing I absolutely love about Brooks shoes is that the sizing runs true no matter the model or year of the shoe. With some other shoe brands, I’ve found that an updated model somehow required that I switch to a larger shoe size. Brooks has, in my experience, managed to maintain high standards. I’ve worn three different models now (Glycerin, Levitate, Adrenaline) and several different years of the Glycerins, and every time, the same size has fit perfectly.

The main feature of the Adrenaline is the GuideRails Holistic Support System, which the company says:

We’ve shifted our focus beyond the feet, to the most injury-prone part of a runner’s body: the knees. GuideRails keep you moving comfortably by keeping excess movement in check.

The shoe also incorporates the BioMoGo DNA and DNA Loft:

BioMoGo DNA and DNA LOFT cushioning work together to provide a just-right softness underfoot without losing responsiveness and durability.

The upshot is that the Brooks Adrenaline is intended to be a very stable shoe. I found that the stability features made the bottom of the shoe feel a bit stiff, at least compared to the Levitate (and the Glycerin). That in turn made the shoe feel on the heavy side, which is an inaccurate perception on my part because the Adrenaline is actually 0.2 ounces lighter than the Levitate. My sense is that if you are looking for stability control, i.e., to deal with over-pronation issues, you will find these shoes to be well worth trying out. (In addition, that feeling of stiffness of the sole — not the mesh — tends to go away during the run.)

I discovered a neat feature about these shoes during a twilight run — the white soles and the tips of the shoelaces are super-reflective. Unanticipated safety feature!

As with all Brooks shoes, the construction is top notch. The mesh is supple and feels like it’s high quality. There are five different color combinations for men’s shoes, with sizes ranging from 7 to 15, and widths from narrow B to wide 4E. List price is $130. For women, there are six different color combinations, with sizes ranging from 5 to 13, and widths ranging from narrow 2A to wide 2E.






11oz / 311.8g


Flat, Medium






GuideRails, DNA LOFT


Read more at Brooks Running.


Thank you to Brooks for providing us with shoes to test. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.


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