Running Meme and Strava Segment of the Week: Chart House Sprint

Only another week until the Shamrock Run! We here are Run Oregon are hoping that the cold spell snaps, although if we had to make a deal we’d rather have cold than cold and rain.

So our segment this week is a preview of one of the nice hills that you’ll encounter in the 15k and half marathon. It’s called the Chart House Sprint and it is 0.6 miles, with about 115 feet of elevation gain. There are lots of little rollers on this segment but it’s a doozy for sure.

As of today, 2,596 have recorded 13,408 attempts on this segment. The current leaders are Brynje Enderle with a time of 4:17 from October 2012 and Alex Slenning with a time of 3:31 from March 2018. Interestingly, neither of these times are from a Shamrock Run.

From the Run Oregon Strava Club, Eric Barten is atop the leaderboard with a 3:54 from March 2014 for the men, and the women’s list is headed up by Carey Connel, with a 5:01 from April 2018. There are currently 291 people in the Run Oregon Strava Club, including awesome runners like Brittany Kelley and Cameron Francey. Thanks for reading the blog!

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