Run Oregon’s Favorite (running) Cat Names

A few weeks ago, one of our wonderful bloggers, Kelly Barton, shared a post about favorite running dog names. Now I think it’s time to give the felines their time in the spotlight. Instead of coming across them on the sidewalks or trails, these are meowing faces that will be waiting back home.

So here, in no particular or peer-reviewed order, are my top 10 names for runner’s cats.

10. Snowball – When the doctor recommends that you rest, ice, compress, and elevate an injury, get this furball to curl up with you so you are more likely to follow (some of) the advice.
9. Sparkle or Twinkle – All those medals aren’t the only sparkle and shine that should be in your home.
8. Oreo – A guilt-free treat you can have after a long-run, short-run, or no run.
7. Kitty – The perfect name for when your brain is a little bit worn out and words are just hard.
6. Gizmo – All you really need to run is a good pair of shoes. But somehow we often end up with lots of other resources and tools to get us up and out (then back and down).
5. Fluffy – The perfect companion for your rest day.
4. Max – This little guy is going to give you the look, you know the one that “isn’t mad, just disappointed” if you wimp out. You can do this…while I watch from the couch.
3. Socks – While there are hundreds of options for your feet, there is always that one perfect option that you will search under the bed to find. And nope, you will never find its match.
2. Prince or Princess – Every king or queen of the road needs a court back home.
1. Garfield – Someone to join in for the carbo-loading or recovery meals. And then enjoy a nice long nap. Until that darn Monday (or hill workout day).

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