Oregon’s Favorite (running) Dog Names


This is “The Goon.”

Anyone who runs with me knows that I stop for most dogs. The only time I don’t is if I’m in a race (although I’ve broken this rule), the person I’m with doesn’t like dogs, or if the dog’s leash has a yellow ribbon on it (which indicates it’s better not to approach). So I think it’s cool that put out a list of the top dog names in Oregon from 2018, which you can read here.

Peppered through this post are collections of dog photos from some Run Oregon readers. They’re all 12/10 good dogs.

My favorite dog names from 2018 are not among the brunch set, but here’s my top ten for dog names based on the interests of Run Oregon bloggers:

10. Tempo
9. Miles
8. Relay
7. Tailwind (For those dogs that pull just enough to make you faster)


Continuing our list …

6. Barkley (for the Barkley Marathons)
5. Strava
4. Racer
3. Petzl
2. Yuki (for the 2018 Boston Marathon winner)
1. Fartlek

Dogs_3What are your suggestions? Have you heard any perfect runner-dog names lately? Let us know in the comments.


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