Product Review: Jaybird X4 Wireless Sports Headphones


For me, it is 100% required that I listen to something while I run. Music, podcasts, and audio books are my go-to. Since my runs typically last anywhere from 50 minutes to 8 hours, it is important to have a headphone that will last and will last COMFORTABLY for that long. That is a really hard ask. I have tried everything. Some headphones are so uncomfortable that I can barely wear them for 10 minutes and others are comfortable but die after an hour. A blend of the longevity and comfortable fit is nearly impossible to find.

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to try out the Jaybird X4 Wireless Sports Headphones. I was excited to try them but a little nervous to take them on a long run because my ears typically don’t do well with the in-ear headphones. They tend to be too big, fall out and start to hurt after a little bit. I was excited to see that the earbuds were soft on the Jaybird. I tried them on and was surprised at how easy and comfortable they felt immediately. I had no problems getting them in and set in my ear. They came with three sizes in case the earbuds didn’t fit properly. This was nice since, obviously, everyone’s ear is different. jay2
Once I established that they were comfortable, at least enough to wear out of the house, I hit the trails to give them the true test. It was a drizzly day in Portland and I also wanted to see if the audio got waterlogged or muffled at all as I ran. I started down the trail and was glad that they didn’t immediately pop out of my ears. In fact, they seemed secure. I pounced from side to side down the muddy trail and I never wondered if they were going to slip out.

It started to rain a bit more about an hour into my run and my head was getting pretty damp from rain and sweat. The earbuds still stayed in and there was no disruption in audio. The X4 claimed to be waterproof and they held up to the Oregon weather and sweaty runner test!

Two hours into the run and I hadn’t noticed my headphones yet. This was a good sign. I wasn’t adjusting them or pulling them out in pain. This was a big accomplishment for the headphones in my eyes. I usually am aching in the ears or around the ears at this point in a run.

The next test was to continue on my run and see if they lasted. I was only running about 4 or so hours so I hoped they could do it considering they say they last 8 hours. I was listening to some particularly intriguing podcasts and I would be so disappointed to be in the woods wondering what happened. I was also able to adjust the volume easily from the buttons on the cord of the headphones. This meant I could adjust according to traffic or people around me on the trails. My husband call at one point and I was able to answer and talk with easy while huffing up a big hill. In the occasion that I needed to, I would be able to call him back with the click of a finger as well.

I ended my run, a sweaty and wet Oregon runner and happy with being able to comfortably listen to all my podcasts throughout my run. I took out my headphones and my ears didn’t ache and I felt relieved at finding a headphone that fit all my needs!

Company: Jaybird 

Products & Price:
Specs (from website):
  • Type: In-ear style
  • Noise-isolation: Passive
  • Headset: 545mm x 13mm x 24.2mm
  • Controller: 42.5mm x 11.6mm x 5.3mm
  • Charger: 98mm x 18.1mm x 9.6mm
  • Weight of headphones (without fins and tips): 14.7g
More about Jaybird:

“We were born on the trails with the powerful insight that music amplifies performance. With a home base in Park City, Utah, you will find us on the mountain any day of the week – mud, rain or snow”

Thank you to Jaybird for providing us with a sample pack. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.
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