Strava Segment & Running Meme of the Week: Tilikum EB, brought to you by NAC

For this week’s Strava Segment of the Week, we are running east over the Tilikum Bridge. This is one of my new favorites, as it can extend the waterfront loop by just a half mile or can be used to cross the Willamette as an option with no cars.

The segment is 0.37 miles and runs on the southern sidewalk (the one further from downtown. It starts near the start of the bridge – just to the east of the big OHSU building where the tram starts – and ends on the other side of the river at the northwest corner of the Portland Opera building.

My best on this segment is 3:43 (it’s usually run during my long run) but I love that within Strava, my times are compared to my previous times on a segment and not just times I could never reach. That being said, you might as well try to run it all-out and just see what you can do! The current course records are held by Jamie Norville (1:31) and Dave Harmon (1:34).

Have a great weekend everyone – maybe we’ll see you at the Holiday Half or just out for a run.

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