What Run Oregon is Trying: FuelBelt Enduro & Waist Pack

When runners think of hydration on the go, they think of FuelBelt. The name has been known in the business for decades, and whether you prefer to strap your water to your hand or your waist, it’s a company you can trust to have your back when you need it most.

FuelBelt generously sent us two hydration options to review. Nikki tested the FuelBelt Enduro, a 16 oz hand-held water bottle that is BPA-Free with a squeezable contoured fit and a silicone cap and burst valve. Robyn tested the Uno Waist Pack Hydrating Running Belt which also came with a 16 oz BPA-Free contoured water bottle. These are two very different options with the same needs in mind. Because if you’re a runner, you need to stay hydrated.

Nikki’s thoughts: I hate carrying water when I run, but sometimes it just has to happen. I’ve come to find out that hand-held water bottles sometimes do a better job for me than a waist pack since finding “the sweet spot” on my waist for most options is more hassle than I’m willing to negotiate when I just want to grab something and go. The FuelBelt Enduro seemed pretty perfect for my needs, as the 16 oz size is just right. It’s not so heavy that it will distract me from the task at hand, but it still has adequate room for plenty of water. It’s also super easy to refill at water stops and there’s no pulling it in and out of any carry case.

I was looking for a squeezable water bottle, as most of the ones I’ve tried in the past were hard plastic and I wanted to find something that fit more comfortably in my hand. The Enduro is not the “squishy” material that I was initially going for, but it is squeezable and it does fit my hand really nicely. It’s also very durable and it hasn’t leaked at all. It only weighs 70 grams when unfilled, so it’s also very lightweight, which is crucial for a long run.

The bottle holder is insulated, so it will keep water or electrolyte drinks cool, and there’s no condensation to battle either. There are also two zippered pockets on it, which are not big enough for the large cell phones people carry in today’s world, but they would fit a car key or a gel or two. The strap is adjustable, so you can find the right fit for your hand and there’s even an ergonomic thumb hole.

The Enduro is also top shelf dishwasher safe so you can easily wash it for your next adventure out on the road or trails. I’ve found my new favorite water bottle.

Robyn’s thoughts:

I am a FuelBelt convert. In the past, I avoided hydration belts, opting for a backpack or vest, even when my mileage didn’t call for 2 L of water. This, single bottle, belt hits that sweet spot for me. It allows me to carry just enough water and “stuff” for the mid-range mileage. For me, depending on when and where I am running, can range from 5-15 miles.

The belt itself has a great construction. It seems like the designers really tried to mitigate all of the typical downfalls hydration belts tend to signify. The strap is thicker and made of a neoprene materials. This allows for a little give, even when it is synched tightly to your hips. Yet, the material is encased in a moisture-wicking fabric and the neoprene has many ventilation holes to ensure comfort and security while on your run. The belt can also be adjusted from both sides of the strap, creating that perfect fit for any runner. I have experienced absolutely no bouncing while wearing the belt.

There are two separate storage areas on this belt, a large one in the back, next to the bottle, and a smaller removable on in the front. The larger container is perfect for your fuel, your headlamp (once the sun comes up), and, for me, a bear horn for protection during those dark 5 am runs. I have removed the front pack but it is the perfect size and shape for a smartphone.

When running with this FuelBelt, I rarely remove the water bottle during the run. Since I do use this belt for those mid-range runs, I often times do not need to drink any while on the move. It is so nice to have regardless, just in case or at the end when the chatting stops and you realize how hard you’ve just been working. The spout of the bottle has a slower flow than I tend to prefer, but it is helpful when drinking while you are moving, by helping you sip and not slurp. I do remove the top to gulp it down if I am finishing the contents at the end of my run.

Overall, this FuelBelt is perfectly constructed to be comfortable and hold just the right amount of water and supplies for really any distance run.


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For 20 years, innovative design has pushed FuelBelt to deliver the best and lightest in hydration and performance gear. Our collection offers runners the freedom to stay in control of their run, no matter the route. In today’s competitive environment, where science determines the margins of advantage, athletes demand a fail proof approach to hydration and performance gear.

Since Vinu Malik designed the very first hydration belts and launched FuelBelt in 1997, we have engineered uncompromising products for uncompromising athletes. We have the same goal today that we had over twenty years ago – provide the most streamlined hydration, storage, and safety solutions that minimize disruption and maximize comfort, so that you can be prepared to perform your best.

Today, FuelBelt is part of a 28-year-old organization, Implus LLC. Implus manages category leading brands renowned for superior quality, innovative design and heritage. Implus proudly distributes in over 75,000 retail outlets across North America and in over 70 countries worldwide. Implus’ scale and reach helps make FuelBelt products broadly available across the United States and internationally.

Thank you to FuelBelt for providing us with samples. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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