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Strava Segment & Running Meme of the Week: Mile Repeat 2 on the Portlandathon Half Marathon Course

Welcome again to the Strava Segment of the Week! I’ve been using Strava’s “Explore Segments” feature this week to check out where popular runs in Minneapolis are – I’m here because the hubs is running the Twin Cities Marathon but I just want to check out some fun routes!

This week’s SSOTW is on the Portlandathon Half Marathon Course! As it’s named “Mile Repeat 2” I don’t expect people to try and beat it during a half (although it’s possible), but one of the fun things about Strava is being able to see the various segments you covered on your run.

This one starts on NW St Helens heading back southeast, after the turnaround and runs for 1.02 miles. The current leaders of this segment are Courtney Beard from August 2018 (6:26) and Brandon Johnson from October 2017 (5:09). And it’s super-flat.

If you’re on Strava, be sure to join the Run Oregon Strava Club!

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