What Run Oregon is Wearing: Running gear from the Brooks Nightlife line

Due to a busy life and two small children, I’ve got to run before the sun comes up at least twice a week. Being visible as well as comfortable is extremely important to me and the nightlife gear made by Brooks  addresses both objectives.

The Canopy Jacket Nightlife is super reflective, very lightweight, and stylish to boot. When I get up for a 5:00AM run, I usually wear a reflective strap, but there’s no need for that when I wear this jacket. There is both front and back retroreflectivity on this jacket, not to mention the bright yellow color that will attract attention from afar.

The jacket is wind and rain resistant with a DriLayer Seal, which is perfect for this time of year. The fabric is extremely breathable and so light that I barely feel it when I put it on, though I still manage to stay warm through any run. When I do wear it in the rain, I stay dry and the moisture isn’t trapped inside like with many other running jackets.

I used this jacket for a relay that started at 4:00AM and it packs beautifully. There is a zip pocket with an elastic carry strap that makes it portable or easy to stow away in the corner of any bag. There are even hidden thumbholes and zip hand pockets, which are two of my favorite features on any running jacket, and there’s a media port on the right side and a stowable hood.

The Greenlight Tight Nightlife are also ideal for a run in the dark. They are so incredibly comfortable on my skin! They feature chafe-free flatlock seams and 360° reflectivity around the bottom half.

There’s a sizable sweat-resistant pocket located in the waistband of the tights and there is no bounce. There’s also DriLayer HorsePower moisture-management fabric that will keep me dry and comfortable no matter the weather.

Most importantly, (speaking for my own vanity here,) the pants are very flattering. Not all running pants are created equal in this regard, but these tights hide what needs to be hid without losing any quality and function in the process. The waistband is wide and holds my tummy in also, so another score there.

Matt tried out a pair of their Sherpa 2-in-1 shorts. We have reviewed Brooks shorts in the past, and it’s no surprise that these are a great pair as well. There are a few pockets for stashing things, one in the back and thin ones on both side to hold a key or energy gel. The fabric is quick drying and the internal mesh boxer brief is quite comfortable. The real benefit here is the reflective qualities.



There is no missing these babies while out on the road in the dark – and that’s the point.

We would highly recommend the Brooks Nightlife products.


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No matter the question, the answer is ALWAYS THE RUN. Whatever you’re doing, wherever you are, when you run you break free of things that hold you back. You discover your path to truth and joy.

Running makes good things happen. It’s the best, most addictive sport the world has ever known. It fuels confidence and optimism. It makes you feel better about yourself. It can change everything.

We do one thing at Brooks. We make the best running gear in the world. Nothing more. Nothing less. Every design and engineering choice is informed by runners’ needs and the running experiences they crave.

We’re experts at balancing art, science and runner insight. Backed by in-depth biomechanical research, the products we make for you feature innovations that are always advancing the fit, feel, ride, style and performance of your running gear.

We sweat every last detail. You might never notice each precisely tuned groove on the sole of your shoe or the high-tech weave that makes your jacket so breathable. But it’s those hundreds of little things that make your gear as exceptional as you are. You deserve it all.

We get you. We’re runners like you, and we’re insatiably curious about your needs, your dreams, your commitment to the run, your fitness and your well-being. We see the run as you do: it makes you feel more alive.

We live, work and run as part of a global community. This planet is our playground. More than 100 million people run outside, so it’s critical we care for the world we share. We also give back with a focus on causes that get people moving.

Every day with a run is better. No matter your speed, style or where you start, you end up in a happier place when you run. That happy place is our North Star at Brooks. It guides everything we do to inspire you to run and be active.

Thank you to Brooks for providing us with a sample pack. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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