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If you are a fan of trucker hats, bigtruck is where you want to go. These hats have a California vibe, and why wouldn’t they? The company is located in Truckee, California, and I can’t think of a more ironic or fitting place to find trucker hats than in a city with such a similar name.

High profile high density foam on the front help ensure these hats will last you a long time, which is great since you will likely fall in love at first sight. Some of the other standard highlights include a plush headband, sublimated interior, and branded interior seam tape. They have a mesh back with an adjustable snap back closure.

There are several styles to choose from, depending on your fancy. There are the original, classic, cap, pro, knit, and cobrand types, all with their own different designs within those types. There are also hats available for youth, toddlers, and babies and they are just as awesome as the adult versions. There’s really something for everyone.

The worst thing about these hats is that there are so many great options that it’s hard to decide which one you want. It would be easy to fill your shopping cart with at least a few of these, and even more tempting since they are offering free shipping right now if you enter code SUMMERSOLSTICE.

Nikki’s thoughts: I wasn’t really a “hat person” when I was younger. But now that I’m at the top of my 40’s, I’ve noticed more lines on my face that won’t go away, and this makes me more hyper aware of the fact that more shade for my face as the summers have gotten hotter would be the smart choice. I’m in the sun a lot most days, and I’ve now got a good small collection of summer staples, and now I can add a bigtruck hat to the mix. I was lucky enough to receive the OG Yoga Sublimated style and it’s become my favorite go-to hat already.

If you know anything about the typical shape of a trucker-style hat, you know that they are square in the front and sort of “stand up” off your forehead. I have a couple of friends with small heads that prefer this style for this very reason. I feel it’s worth noting though, as every hat fits a little different and head size and personal preference play into what you’ll want in a hat.

The OG Yoga Sublimated hat is super cute and well constructed. It’s part of the “original” collection and there’s a reason why it’s still a popular choice. I’ve been getting compliments on it every time I leave the house with it on. It fits the bill on all of the things I need to arm myself for all those “messy hair, don’t care” days.

Mindy’s thoughts: Being a mom of two young boys, I rarely have enough time to get ready in the morning, (let alone do my hair), making me a frequent hat wearer to hide my untamed locks. Also, living in the Pacific Northwest, having sunny warm summers, and decently rainy fall weather, hats are a big staple in my wardrobe. I recently added a new hat to my collection from bigtruck, Cap G.Line Chambray Navy. Let me tell you, this hat is great! It has become my new go-to.

It has an unstructured body of the hat, and uses a light weight Chambray fabric. This is perfect for travel, and outdoor adventures. It is very soft and extremely comfortable, and features a ultra soft sweat band inside. It is part of the classics collection for bigtruck. It is also very stylish and pairs with just about anything. Every time I wear this hat, I receive so many compliments!

Company: bigtruck (Find them on Facebook)

Products & Price:

  • OG Yoga Sublimated Lines ($35) Also available on Amazon.
    • High profile crown height
    • High-density foam front with mesh back
    • Adjustable snapback for the perfect fit
    • 58cm/OSFA
  • Cap G.Line Chambray Navy ($40)
    • Mid profile crown height
    • Cotton front with mesh back
    • Adjustable snapback for the perfect fit
    • 58cm/OSFA

More about bigtruck:

 The mountain towns around Lake Tahoe are home to an outdoor counterculture that could only exist in California. Born of the region’s contrasts of peaks and lakes, snow and beach, it’s a place full of rebellious, youthful energy a place where the only thing taken as seriously as outdoor performance is having a good time.

We got our start making a simple yet symbolic beacon of the California Mountain Life: the trucker hat. But we’re about far more than just a hat. California has always been home to a unique brand of energetic counterculture. A place that still believes that the best athlete on the mountain is the one having the most fun. A place that created its own numerical assessment of radness where international icons drop cliffs naked and where 12-year-old groms call out pros in the lift line. A place where you can climb tall Sierra granite in the morning and crack a beer from the comfort of an inner tube on the Truckee River that afternoon.

We hatched bigtruck® to celebrate this place and the people who give it it’s irreverently adventurous spirit but if we’re honest, this is all so much bigger than the hat, it just has to be.


Thank you to bigtruck for providing us with a sample pack. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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